El Dorado Cask Aged 5 Years Demerara Rum

El Dorado 5 Year Old Demerara Guyana Rum ReviewA younger Demerara rum from the El Dorado range.  I was ordering a consignment of unusual (by country) entry level rums and I noticed this one so I thought I would give it a try.  The rum was reduced to £19.95 online so I thought I as worth a go.  I was a little surprised to walk into Aldi and find the 8 year old variant for £19.99, just a few days later. Did I say surprised? I meant f**king pissed off.

Nearly all the El Dorado rum’s are raved about and the 12 and 21 year old seem to gain the most positive reviews.

The bottle styling of the 5 and 8 year old are different to the older rums in the range.  The bottle itself is quite distinctive.  It’s quite a tall bottle with very clear labelling.  The age statement and the fact it is Demerara rum are clearly stated.  I’m not too stuck on the label being a pinkish red colour.  In keeping with most rums under £25 the closure is a metallic screw top but not a cheap and nasty one.

The first thing I notice about El Dorado 5 is that it isn’t as thick or as dark as I was expecting.  This maybe because it isn’t as aged as their other rums.  It also suggests that no colourings have been added or anything to thicken the rum.  The rum is darker than a Cockspur, Bacardi Gold etc.  It isn’t as dark as OVD or Skipper rum or any other of the cheaper Demerara rum’s.  It isn’t as sickly sweet as OVD and definitely doesn’t have the same hit of coffee as that rum.  It has a sweet almost fruity taste.  It’s a little like the St Lucian and Bajan rums.

At £20 it was well worth the money.  You could sip this rum.  It works well with coke and would go well with fruit juices as well.  It’s tasty and fruity. There’s an overall taste that I can’t quite place a bit like the smell of floral gums.  That makes no sense.  This is why I tend to not to concentrate on explaining the taste.  I’m no good at it or I’m just not capable of talking using my bottom.

A very good mixing rum at £20 but I would expect the 8 year old to be better and if I can get it at £20 it’s likely I’d opt for that.  I’ll get a bottle and do a review soon.

3 stars










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