Privateer International – Distillers Drawer New England Rum Bottled in Bond #31

Privateer International - Distillers Drawer New England Rum Bottled in Bond #31 rum review by the fat rum piratePrivateer International – Distillers Drawer New England Rum Bottled in Bond #31. Hailing from Ipswich, Boston Privateer are a rum company that have been making great waves over in the US of A. Founded by Andrew Cabot in 2011, their rums are overseen by Head Distiller Maggie Campbell.

Privateers rums occasionally find their way over here to the UK, usually in very small amount via The Whisky Exchange. As a result it had proved quite tricky to obtain their rums to review. I have Ivar over at Rum Revelations to thank for this rum, by way of our latest sample swap at London Rumfest.

Ivar has already reviewed this rum and another from Privateer so be sure to check out his review.

The Distillers Drawer Series is a number of Single Barrel releases – some are Bottled in Bond, some are a Navy Yard style of rum or New England Rum etc. They retail in the US at between the $70 to $90 mark. They are as mentioned already Single Barrel expressions released at over 50% ABV often at Cask Strength.

Another reason I had not sought out Privateer in the past is that they were producing rum from Cane Sugar – rather than molasses. Under EU ruling that would mean it is not a rum. Please note in the US it is acceptable to produce rum in this manner. I understand that Privateer are now producing rum exclusively from molasses.

This particular expression is made from 100% molasses. Privateer run a Vendome Pot Still and a smaller pot/column hybrid still. I am unsure exactly what the blend is for this rum. Privateer International – Distillers Drawer New England Rum Bottled in Bond #31 was aged in a new 53 gallon American Oak Cask with a number #3 level char. (I’m not quite sure how “charred” this is so any help in this respect greatly appreciated.

The rum is then aged in “Bond” for 4 years. The minimum to be labelled “Bottled in Bond” in the US I believe is 4 years. If you require more information on BIB then have a look here, it seems as good a resource as any.Privateer International - Distillers Drawer New England Rum Bottled in Bond #31 rum review by the fat rum pirate

Off the top of my head the only other US made rum I have reviewed is Bayou rum from Louisiana, which I quite enjoyed. I’ve actually got a few more of theirs to be reviewing as well!

Anyway I think that is enough background for now ( I do have another Privateer review coming, so we’ll save some info back for that) so lets get onto the fun part.

In the glass we have a dark brown spirit with an orange hue.

The nose is rich, warm and very woody. Not in a bad way though. It’s very approachable and well balanced. You would think this was a lot older than just 4 years. Despite the 50% ABV there is little by way of “boozy” notes.

It’s quite Bourbon-esque which maybe due to the new cask. I assume when they say new they may Virgin but could it have had one use with Bourbon? I’m not sure. Either way it reminds me quite a lot of a good Bourbon.

Which is no problem for me as I am very fond of a decent Bourbon (I also quite like cheap Bourbon as well come to think of it).

Anyway, I digress slightly – so what are we getting on the nose beside oak? Well nice warming baking spices, chocolate, cocoa, a touch of ginger maybe. It’s really nice and reminds me of a well balanced and well produced Barbados Rum.

If this sips as well as the nose then I am in for a bit of treat. Much like Ivar’s review I am wondering “This is only 4 years old?”

Sipped, it does show a little more of its youth. That said this is far from young cheap booze. It has a bit more bite likely down to the ABV more than the youthfulness of the spirit.

It’s really, really enjoyable. If you appreciate an oak driven spirit then you really enjoy this. In many ways it is like something like Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Bourbon BUT with an extra layer of flavour. Sweet note of blackcurrant jam and redcurrant. The oak influence is the dominant flavour but there is much more complexity there than simply the oak. The array of spices – ginger, a touch of cinnamon, allspice are countered by leather and a touch of tobacco.

This is a lovely rum to sip on slowly and let the flavours develop in your mouth. I would imagine it also makes a pretty fantastic Rum and Coke. I’m not doing that with my limited sample though. It’s simply too good for that.

The more you sip the more you notice the complexities of this rum come in. There is a does of coconut and a slightly zestiness to the finish as well. The finish is long, rich and warming.

There is a slight bitterness towards the end of this rum, which does give the finish a bit of a off note but another year in the cask would probably but that to bed.Privateer International - Distillers Drawer New England Rum Bottled in Bond #31 rum review by the fat rum pirate

I’d heard good things about Privateer and I have to say for my first experience of their rums I am very impressed with this. It’s a kind of cross between a good Barbados rum and a good Bourbon.

If anyone wishes to recommend any other Privateer rums then please do – I’ve a feeling I may be seeking out a bottle or two for myself.

Great start to the year. Happy New Year indeed.











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  1. If you are enjoying the Privateer and Bayou I’d suggest that you try another rum from Louisiana – Roulaison (if y’all can get it over there — still somewhat hard to find in the states). Pot-still deliciousness….

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