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Mhoba Select Release White Rum review by the fat rum pirateMhoba Select Release White Rum. Mhoba have been floating around for a few years and are quite well known here in the UK and Europe. I’m currently working my way through a number of their releases. I’ve not made all the much progress though as this is only my second review of a Mhoba Rum.

Once again it is a White Rum though time it is a more limited release and it has been bottled at a higher “overproof” ABV. For those unfamiliar with Mhoba Rum they produce rum from Fresh Sugar Cane Juice (it’s a cane to bottle affair) at their farm/distillery situated in Malalane, South Africa. For more information on Mhoba Rum they have their own website and my friend over at Rum Diaries Blog has wrote extensively about them here.  He has also reviewed pretty much all their expressions as well.

As well as producing rum from fresh sugar cane juice they also use 100% Pot Still Distillation. So this is small batch artisanal distilling. They are against any kind of additives and do not use any colouring either.

My sample is from a batch of 240 bottles which were produced in 2019. Mhoba Select Release White Rum has been bottled at 48% ABV. 100% Pot Still rum (as already noted). The Sugar Cane used in Mhoba’s rum is South African Nkomazi sugar cane.

As far as I am aware the rum in the bottle is unaged. However, the rum does not hail from the same Pot Still batch. It is a blend of Pot Still rums married together in the barrel to give the outturn of 240 bottles. If you read Steve James review it will give you a bit more technical information on how the rum is blended etc. Lance over at The Lone Caner has also reviewed a version of this rum from a different batch.

If you are looking for a bottle of this rum then it is easily available in Europe via Rum Exchange and in the UK The Whisky Exchange have stocks of it as well. You should be looking to pay around £/€ 55-60 for the very attractive 70cl bottle. Presentation wise Mhoba have very clear branding and the bottle is eye catching and attractively designed.

As this is an unaged white rum it is crystal clear in the glass. Upon pouring the rum you are immediately hit by strong grassy and sweet sugary aroma’s of freshly cut cane. It’s a very pleasant smelling take on “Rhum Agricole” and quite approachable, even at such an ABV.Mhoba Select Release White Rum review by the fat rum pirate

The sweetness is fresh and vibrant and beneath this are some slightly briny notes and some lovely note of Black and Green Olives. It’s fruity white notes of juicy pear and some lovely crunchy green apple.

It certainly doesn’t nose in anyway like a spirit that is 58% ABV.

So how does Mhoba Select Release White Rum taste? Because the nose is lovely.

It’s surprisingly smooth. I’ve checked the ABV for this and it’s definitely 58% – I was beginning to wonder if someone had watered down my sample.

The initial taste is soft and quite sweet – and then it hits the back of the throat. It’s not what I would call “rough” but I’m definitely feeling a bit more heat now and getting more into the spirit of drinking something at Overproof strength……

It’s a touch spicy but nothing over the top. It has a slightly mineral like note to it – something a bit “stony” and a touch on the bitter side. Which mingles nicely with the Grapefruit and Gooseberry tartness that is showing itself alongside the grassy sugar cane notes.

It’s funky but it’s a refined kind of funkiness. It has softer notes of more traditional white rums such as Bacardi (this really isn’t a criticism) or Don Q Cristal which make it more approachable and slightly more easy going than some more traditional “Agricole Rhum”.

Which might be why the finish is a bit shorter than I was expecting. It’s quite a dry rum once you get past the initial sweet entry. It has a tartness – touch of brine/sea salt as well and it is pretty complex as a sipper in its own right. I was expecting more a finish though and I was surprised how quickly the flavour dissapated to a gentle burn of alcohol.

As a mixer it is best suited to lighter mixer and fruit punches. It’s not the type of rum for a rum and cola. I rarely find Sugar Cane Juice rums much of a match for a Rum and Cola. It really needs a molasses base or it just tastes a bit strange.

In a Daiquiri or a Ti Punch is where this will be best served. Obviously though at the start of the night you don’t want to be chucking £50+ worth of booze down your neck in one night if you ar

e just having a quiet night in.

You can tell that this is a quality distillate that is prepared in small batches. Lovinglyy crafted by it’s creators. As a result it is more expensive than perhaps other “similar” rums. By similar I am talking about the general punters viewpoint – they might not see a huge difference between one white rum and another.

There is though and this is good stuff. Definitely towards the higher end of the white rum experience. This sits nicely alongside the other Mhoba White Rum I have reviewed and I still have one more to go.









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