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Legendario Ron Dorado Rum Review by the fat rum pirateLegendario Ron Dorado. Perhaps one of the most ironic things about the Legendario brand is that, arguably it’s most famous rum isn’t even a rum. The “seven year old”  Elixir de Cuba is exactly that an Elixir.

Unfortunately not a lot of people know what it is. If you are puzzled by this yourself then please read my review above of the Elixir de Cuba.

So what do we have for review today? Well we have one of the Legendario brands “entry level” rums. The Legendario Ron Dorado is a relatively inexpensive mixing rum. It is very popular in Spain where it is drank mainly with cola.

Ron Legendario was established in Cuba in 1946.  It was first produced in a distillery in the historic district of Havana Bocoy, in a building dating back to the 15th century. Ron Legendario is now produced in six factories across Cuba in Matanzas, Villa Clara, Havana and three in Pinar del Rio.

Legendario Ron Dorado is a blend of unaged spirit and aged “eux de vie”. I think sometimes things are lost in translation when it comes to Latin Style rum. Not all of which I think is entirely accidental. I’m taking it that Legendario Ron Dorado is a blend of aged and unaged rum.

As with all Cuban rums it is produced on column stills and is made in the “Latin or Spanish Style”. It’s fairly difficult to find any information there is a website for all Cuban rum here. Unfortunately it really doesn’t translate all that well and it’s a bit antiquated so its not the best to read either.

Presentation wise Legendario use distinctively “curvy” tall bar style bottles. A miniature Cuban flag will also be on the bottles neck if you are fortunate. They are often removed in my experience. A good quality metallic screw cap completes the look. The writing on the bottle is in Spanish so it isn’t hugely useful to me. This rum is imported into the UK but they do not alter the labels in anyway.Legendario Ron Dorado Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

In the glass we have golden brown spirit. It’s slightly dull to be honest no real vibrancy about this rum. No orange hue around the edges.

Nose wise this is a little dull as well! It’s very light almost vodka like in many ways. The initial nosing just gives me a hit of sweet alcohol. Not much else at all I’m afraid. Further nosing reveals a touch of tobacco, honey, vanilla and some sweet toffee but I’m really having to nose deep to pick these out.

Sipping Legendario Ron Dorado is also a pretty muted experience. I just feel like I’m drinking a sweet young alcohol designed to be drowned in cola. Which is pretty much how most of this spirit is enjoyed. Popular in Spain you can pick it up in most resorts for around €10 to €12. You’ll find it in most supermarkets in resorts like Benidorm, Salou and Magaluf.

Taste wise it’s just a sugary water, with a tiny bite of oak and a touch of tobacco to add a shade of complexity. It’s not overly sweet though, it hasn’t been sweetened according to the Hydrometer. Legendario Ron Dorado is really easy to drink neat but its far from the most complex or rewarding sipper, you will ever encounter.

It’s actually a really easy, light entry into Cuban rum. It’s not as sickly sweet as Havana Club Especial nor is it as tobacco heavy as the Havana Club 7 Year Old.

Mixed is really what this rum is for and it goes nicely with cola. However, after a couple you may find your pours increase as it isn’t all that flavourful. It adds a smoothness to the cola making it dangerously easy to drink.Legendario Ron Dorado Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

The fact it is only 38% ABV is probably in its favour as, if you were sitting drinking this with friends and sharing a bottle as a mixer it won’t last very long.

I guess you might buy this rum if you fancy something with a little more bite and flavour than vodka but you don’t want anything to “full on”.

All in all its a very average rum at a very average price…….when you are on holiday. You can get it in the UK but I wouldn’t be paying £25 for a bottle. There are too many better options around at that price point – and below!



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