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EL Dorado Rare SelectionOn the 14th January 2016 Demerara Distillers Limited announced their first foray into the world of Cask Strength bottlings.  Except they didn’t, well not directly anyway.

As of today (15th January 2016) the only place you will readily find information relating to these releases in any kind of “official” capacity is on the Velier website.  Yes I know its in Italian.  So here is a translation (it’s not perfect but you should get the general message)

In 2016 the Demerara Distillers launches Rare Collection: a limited selection of three single rum alembic and left a full degree. The Demerara Distillers adopted the concept that Velier has created about 15 years ago and in collaboration with the distillery led worldwide, helping to create the myth of Demerara rum. The parent company now makes from s. El Dorado branded, and chose the rum of the three legendary stills in wood, wooden double pot still Port Mourant, the wooden single wooden pot Versailles and column, which they selected coffey Enmore even a 1993. We are happy and excited because the rum are truly amazing, at the level of the selections Gargano, and also at the level of value and growth over time should be considered as analogous (I presume this means they are an investment?).”

So what do we have here? Three rums from three of the most recognisable stills at Demerara Distillers Limited.  All bottled at cask strength (or near enough) being promoted on the Velier website under the El Dorado label?

What has this all got to do with Velier?

Well, first of all Luca Gargano has a financial interest in DDL.  Sometime last year information began leaking out about DDL no longer allowing Velier/Gargano to release Demerara rums under the Velier banner.  Quite what the circumstances were behind this I do not know – I suspect these releases go some way to explain exactly what is going to happen going forward.

DDL experimented a few years ago with some “Single Barrel” offerings from the EDSINGLEEnmore (EHP), Port Mourant (PM) and Savalle Still’s (ICBU).  However many connessieurs shunned them in favour of independent bottlings as they were only released at 40% ABV.  Those more familiar with El Dorado 12 or 15 were also left largely puzzled by the rums as they weren’t as “sweet” and as approachable as they were used to.  You can read all about them here The Three Amigos from Lance at The Lone Caner

It seems that they now want a slice of the Independents pie and rather than allow Gargano to continue to release his own bottlings, they have decided to allow him (or forced him or it was his idea?) to use the El Dorado name.

Now these releases have already garnered quite a lot of excitement.  Which if I’m being honest has left me a little curious.  It also shows just how strong a “known name” can be.

Whilst these releases would be interesting no matter what “label” was putting them out, it seems they are getting more attention because they are under the El Dorado banner.  Which I find a little strange.  You see your average Velier customer is not keen on El Dorado’s “sugared” offerings.  And your average ED12 and ED15 drinker might not find these rums to their tastes either.  So who is going to buy these?

Well. firstly it seems that these rums are going to be available solely in Europe.  No US distribution has been confirmed.  Which poses another question.  With the release of the various wine cask finished ED15’s focusing on the US market, do DDL see two very different rum markets?  This must be a concern for any US rum aficionado.

So just who will be looking to buy these rums on their release?  Well despite my misgivings about Gargano “handing over” these to the El Dorado brand it is clear that most Velier customers will at least embrace one of these bottlings.  Likewise I can see some of these bottlings easily finding their way into the Christmas Boxes of loved ones uitvlugt96who like ED12 and 15.

My main concern will be with the pricing of these products.  Talk of them being “investments” seems worrying – I drink my rum I certainly don’t collect it.  So I hope this doesn’t make the prices too prohibitive.  Velier prices (still far from cheap) will do just nicely.

Anyway, I will in the future try my best to source and review these rums.  In the meantime I’m afraid you will have to make do with a few Demerara rum reviews from Velier – which are coming soon to the site.






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4 comments on “El Dorado Rare Selection

  1. Do you know if these are general European releases by DDL or special bottlings only for Velier? If the latter is the case, they should have allowed Velier to further use their own bottles. The new ones don’t do justice to the liquid inside.
    What I find very interesting is that they release a rum from each of the wooden stills. Especially rums with the marks EHP (Enmore) and VSG (Versailles) were extremely rare. Luca Gargano of Velier was only allowed to select one barrel of each, both quite young (from 1998 and 9 YO). Now that they slap their El Dorado label on the bottles, they are more generous.
    But I should not complain, I think it is fantastic that DDL finally does something with their great stock.

    • I don’t know anything more about them unfortunately. They do look very interesting though.

  2. If the prices mentioned elsewhere in the Facebook threads are any indication I think they will stick with the Velier pricing. A few indications are that it may be €130 to €180. So far the US pricing of the 15 year old finished products has been very high for what they are, around $150. I have seen some mention of the proposed pricing in Denmark but I think many of the rarer items in general are priced really extravagantly in Denmark compared to England, Belgium or Italy. I for one am looking forward to the releases with much anticipation, particularly if they continue for years to come.

  3. So I’m going to have to travel to Europe to taste these!

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