Dràm Mòr Single Cask Rum Uitvulgt Distillery Aged 24 Years

Dràm Mòr Single Cask Rum Uitvulgt Distillery Aged 24 Years Review by the fat rum pirateDràm Mòr Single Cask Rum Uitvulgt Distillery Aged 24 Years. We are back today with what I think is the second Guyanese rum I have tried from Dràm Mòr Group. This time we are stepping back in time and enjoying a rum from a now defunct distillery – Uitvlugt.

Whilst the Uitvlugt distillery has long been mothballed a couple of the stills housed there, are now at Diamond Distillery/Demerara Distillers Limited. This particular bottling is noted as having the marque MPMM. Which suggests heavily that this a rum produced on the Port Mourant Double Wooden Pot Still.

The rum was distilled in 1997 and bottled in 2022 and is noted as being 24 years old. It is noted as being cask number 14 and has been bottled at 46.6% ABV. I assume this is cask strength but I have not had this confirmed.

The rum was available via The Good Spirits Co in Glasgow but is now out of stock. It retailed at £120. Which is not a bad price for a rum of this age. There are/were only 141 bottles. Stockists of Dràm Mòr products are listed here should you wish to try and hunt down a bottle.

Dràm Mòr Single Cask Rum Uitvulgt Distillery Aged 24 Years has been released as an exclusive bottling for The Rum Mercenary. As far as I am aware The Rum Mercenary are an Independent bottler based somewhere in Europe (possibly Belgium/The Netherlands). I’ve tried a quick google search but I’ve not had much luck finding anymore information on the brand. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any info/links. Unfortunately my time is a bit tight at the minute so spending hours researching just isn’t an option!

As in keeping with other Dràm Mòr releases we are presented with a standard “bar bottle” complete with a chunky synthetic cork stopper. Presentation is clear and concise and information is provided on both the front and back label.

The front label this has been aged in “Finest Oak Barrels”. So I assume ex-bourbon. I don’t know if this had a different “finish”/maturation once it reached Scotland. Nor do I know how long it was aged in Scotland/The Tropics.

So it will be interesting to see how I find this and whether I pick up any potential “finish” on this rum.

In the glass we have a golden brown spirit. It is a little hazy which shows its non-chill filtered and hasn’t been messed with. No colouring either not at the bottlers end anyway.

The nose is unmistakably Port Mourant. Aniseed, liquorice and English Breakfast Tea. Stewed prunes, touches of ginger and vaniila. Further nosing reveals a malty note a bit like hops and some slightly bitter custard and burnt shortbread. Some Banana Bread and light tobacco notes round of the nose.

It’s complex and quite easy to nose at the ABV of 46.6%.

SIpped Dràm Mòr Single Cask Rum Uitvulgt Distillery Aged 24 Years, has quite a smoky, peaty profile. I’m pretty sure this has some kind of Scotch Whisky Finish to it. It’s quite a departure from the nose. Being honest I’m not big Scotch Whisky fan and as a result I am often left a little non-plussed by Scotch Whisky finished rums.

Subsequent sips show more the rums character with a nice hit of Port Mourant aniseed, banana and some breakfast tea. I’m enjoying more with each sip. The peaty/smoky Scotch notes are now relegated mainly to the after taste and I’m getting more used to them.

The mid palate is classic Port Mourant and I’m really enjoying the sweet aniseed notes and the tobacco and smokiness of the rum. It is sweet and savoury at the same time.

At 46.6% ABV it is very easy drinking and still maintains a complexity which I think most rum drinkers will enjoy.

Dràm Mòr Single Cask Rum Uitvulgt Distillery Aged 24 Years Review by the fat rum pirateThe finish is long but again quite easy going to fades gently with a nice weight of oak spice, ginger, tobacco and some sweeter notes of liquorice/aniseed. The after taste is a little peaty and smoky. It’s not my favourite part of the rum I must say.

I suspect I might have enjoyed this (and assuming I am correct on this but please let me know if not!) more had it not been matured at some stage in an ex-Scotch whisky cask.

That said its still a good example of a well aged Port Mourant at what was a very decent price.

Another solid offering from Dràm Mòr.






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