Dràm Mòr Single Cask Rum Fiji Distillery Aged 12 Years

Dràm Mòr Single Cask Rum Fiji Distillery Aged 12 Years rum review by the fat rum pirateDràm Mòr Single Cask Rum Fiji Distillery Aged 12 Years. I suppose saying this rum comes from “Fiji Distillery” isn’t really all that inaccurate. Whilst the actual distillery is perhaps better known, to those who actually know about Fijian rum, as South Pacific Distillery it is the only rum distillery on Fiji.

I always try and make sure the titles of my reviews reflect best what the producer has stated on the label. My thinking being you will find it easier searching for them online or find it less confusing should you encounter a bottle in the “wild” so to speak.

So today we have the first in the two Spring 2022 releases of rum from Dràm Mòr Group. I have already reviewed their two releases from last year and will also review the other Spring release as soon as I can.

The thing I like about reviewing Independent Bottlings, is that because they aren’t focused on a “brand” or concocting an elaborate back story for a particular rum. They tend to focus more on the actual liquid in the bottle. You find that you get facts. Which from what my feedback tells me – you as rum enthusiasts actually want to know. With so many Independent bottlings floating around, such information can make a huge difference when making a decision to purchase. Obviously if I give this a high score you will all rush out and buy a bottle regardless of course……

Dràm Mòr Single Cask Rum Fiji Distillery Aged 12 Years has been bottled at 60% ABV and this particular bottling is from Cask Number #28. It has been matured in an ex-bourbon barrel and “finished” for 5 months in an 1st Fill Buffalo Trace Cask (which is also a bourbon in case you are wondering). This is a Single Cask Rum and there were 212 bottles available upon release.

South Pacific Distillery operate 2 Pot Stills and 3 Column Stills. Unfortunately I don’t have any information on what still(s) the rum was distilled in. I’m not sure of the split between tropical and continental ageing either.

Dràm Mòr Single Cask Rum Fiji Distillery Aged 12 Years is available from the Good Spirits Co. in Glasgow (and other retailers) and retails at £64 for a 70cl bottle. Presentation wise the rum comes in a standard “bar style” bottle with a synthetic cork stopper. The overall presentation is clean and sleek certainly more up to date than some indie bottlers that’s for sure!

Pricewise for a 12 year old Independent bottling the rum seems to be very keenly priced. So lets see if it is worth buying……..

In the glass we are presented with a light golden spirit. On the nose you are struck by overripe pineapple. It’s fruity but beneath the pineapple is a herbal note reminiscent of St Lucia Distillers rum. It is a mix of fruity sweetness and some herbal notes like pine cones and pot pourri.

Further nosing reveals a smokiness and a medicinal hit of Calpol, some aniseed and some light tar/engine oil.

Unlike some younger Fijian rum I have tried the less “appetising” sounding notes from the nose don’t overpower the rum. They just add extra layers to the fruity pineapple and notes of raisin and white grape.

Sipped the rum is big and bold with lots and lots of flavour. It’s spicy and a little fierce. The initial hit of herbal spices come in with a hit of chilli and black pepper. Once the palate adjusts the fruity notes begin to come out to play.

Pineapple, banana and some raisin come along as we move into the mid palate. At this stage the rum becomes a little smoky and you begin to taste the tarry/medicinal notes.

I do think that Fijian rum, much like Caroni very much benefits from being tried at a higher ABV. This rum is no shrinking violet and has lots and lots of flavour and complexity to enjoy.

Dràm Mòr Single Cask Rum Fiji Distillery Aged 12 Years rum review by the fat rum pirateAs we move towards the finish you get a second wind of pineapple and banana alongside some more soothing herbal spices and a nice hit of oak. The higher ABV means the finish is long and very pleasant. This is a rum which you will likely take slowly as there is so much going on. Its a shame to rush it.

Fijian rum can be hitty miss but I find once you get into double digits in terms of age the rum seems to mature and take on more of the cask it has been matured in. Make no mistake though Fijian rum is “challenging” and is certainly not a rum which will be appreciated by all.

If you want something halfway between a Saint Lucia Distillers offering and a Caroni Fijian rum is something to consider. If you like either (or both) these styles of rum then I think you will find this bottling in particular, very much to your liking.

This is a complex, challenging and very tasty rum and I highly recommend it.




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