Chairman’s Reserve Master’s Selection – UK Rum Club Exclusive

Chairman's Reserve Master's Selection - UK Rum Club Exclusive rum review by the fat rum pirateChairman’s Reserve Master’s Selection – UK Rum Club Exclusive. This particular post isn’t going to be quite what you might be expecting. It’s not MY review of the Chairman’s Reserve Master’s Selection – UK Rum Club Exclusive.

No, I’ve chosen not to review the 100% Vendome Pot Still single cask number 173, which was chosen by Steven James (Rum Diaries Blog) and myself. It would in my mind be a bit pointless and could easily cause a lot of criticism, if I gave what was effectively my own bottling a 5 star rating, for example. I’ve recently reviewed the Chairman’s Reserve Legacy which I also recommend!

So here we have our first “guest review” from Alex over at The Rum Barrel. He’s paid for this bottling (and his SBS Jamaica pack) out of his own pocket, during what has been a  very hard time for him and many others in the drinks industry. So a huge thank you for the show of support Alex!

The Rum Barrel has only been active around 18 months as a fully fledged “website”. Prior to this Alex used Facebook to publish his reviews. He has amassed a good number of reviews in this time though. So the website is well worth bookmarking, as he is one of the more active bloggers. This is his latest review and he seems to be as enthusiastic about the bottling as we were.

I will say at this point that I had no input at all into his review and in no way influenced the score given. I didn’t approach Alex about using his review in this way until after it was published.

Read his review here.

Cheers Alex for this review. If you are interested in picking up a bottle then you will find that and it’s “sister” cask at Royal Mile Whiskies. Here are the links UKRC Exclusive and RMW Exclusive.



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