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Worthy Park 109 Jamaica Rum

Worthy Park 109 Jamaica Rum Review by the fat rum pirateWorthy Park 109 Jamaica Rum. Originally this was due to be released as Worthy Park Gunpowder Proof. Unfortunately, a certain brand of Navy rum with a fondness for litigation expressed it’s legal objections to such a name and Worthy Park opted to call the rum simply 109 instead.

For those not familiar with higher proof rums. 109 denotes the “proof”. Which is double the Alcohol by Volume (ABV) measurement, more popularly used here in the UK. In the US they tend to give both the proof and the ABV, whereas in the UK and Europe we tend to just opt for the ABV. So in case you can’t do the maths Worthy Park 109 Jamaica Rum is 54.5% ABV. Simples. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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