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Levy Lane Rum Co. Tamosi

Levy Lane Rum Co. Tamosi rum review by the fat rum pirateLevy Lane Rum Co.Tamosi. Tamosi “The Ancient One, the creater of all, brought into being such a great tree that none like it has ever been seen since” I’m a bit lost to be honest………

Tamosi is named for the Carib creator Tamosi Kabotano. Which translates as “Ancient one of the skyland”. It is said he created the earth and everything upon it. The Carib people, who believed themselves also to have come from the skyland, found Tamosi (Tah-moh-see) to be an absent creator, often leaving their pleas for help unanswered. Tamosi has never been seen so is not depicted as a person. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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