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Cachaca Tabua Flor de Prata

Cachaca Tabua Flor de Prata rum review by the fat rum pirate Cachaca Tabua Flor de Prata. We are back in Salinas, Minas Gerais for this review of a white cachaca from  Tabua Industria e Comercio de Cachaca Ltda. Luckily they stick to just Tabua for this brand of cachaca.

Cachaca Tabua have two cachaca’s in their portfolio. This Flor de Ouro and a cachaca Flor de Ouro which is aged for 10 years in Balsam casks. Cachaca Tabua Flor de Prata has been bottled at 42% ABV. It is available in a variety of bottles sizes 50ml, 600ml, 670ml and 700ml. The price of the 600ml – 700ml size bottles seems to to vary quite a bit online. It can even be found on Amazon for R$45. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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