Cachaca Tabua Flor de Prata

Cachaca Tabua Flor de Prata rum review by the fat rum pirate Cachaca Tabua Flor de Prata. We are back in Salinas, Minas Gerais for this review of a white cachaca from  Tabua Industria e Comercio de Cachaca Ltda. Luckily they stick to just Tabua for this brand of cachaca.

Cachaca Tabua have two cachaca’s in their portfolio. This Flor de Ouro and a cachaca Flor de Ouro which is aged for 10 years in Balsam casks. Cachaca Tabua Flor de Prata has been bottled at 42% ABV. It is available in a variety of bottles sizes 50ml, 600ml, 670ml and 700ml. The price of the 600ml – 700ml size bottles seems to to vary quite a bit online. It can even be found on Amazon for R$45.

Fazenda Tabua is located just off the Salinas- Taiobeiras Highway 30km away from the nearest town Taiobeiras. As with most artisanal cachaca all the sugar cane used in the cachaca production is harvested on site. The fermentation period is 24 hours and the cachaca is distlled on Copper Pot Stills.

Cachaca Tabua Flor de Prata is stored in Jequitiba vats, which gives the cachaca flavour but does not “colour” the cachaca.

Should you require more information on Cachaca Tabua they have their own website and Facebook page.

I’ve been overall pretty impressed with Cachaca from the Minas Gerais region so far (it’s often referred to as the Cachaca Capital after all) so it will be interesting to see how I get on with this “unaged” White Cachaca.

In the glass the Jequitiba wood has not altered the appearance of the cachaca – it is as crystal clear as vodka. Here’s hoping it doesn’t taste like vodka though.

The nose on Cachaca Tabua Flor de Prata is full of vanilla and single cream. The slight increase in ABV – a lot of white cachaca is at 38-40% ABV gives a bit more body and a bit more booze on the nose.It’s almost mildly aggressive……Cachaca Tabua Flor de Prata rum review by the fat rum pirate

It’s not really it’s pretty laidback, light and lightly flowery. It isn’t going to blow any prospective “sniffer” away but it is all very nicely balanced and very pleasant.

As a sipper it is a little rough around the edges. Some more pronounced boozy notes batttle with the lighter vanilla and creamy notes. They win pretty much hands down giving this a slightly harsh almost metallic taste. There is a slightly soapy and light woody note in the mid palate. It is a bit more complex than the intiial few sips would suggest.

Finish wise you are met with a lot of ginger and spicy almost peppery notes. It’s a reasonable length but it does leave a kind of bitter after taste in the mouth. Being honest this is not makng for the greatest sipping experience I have ever encountered. Far from it even from an unaged white cachaca stand point.

So what should I be doing with this cachaca? Well as with most clear spirits it is better suited to mixing. Even the website advises doing so. So mix I will.

The Brasilian staple a Caiprinha works nicely with Cachaca Tabua Flor de Prata. I like the “boozier” notes of the cachaca and the 42% ABV delivers just a bit more body to the drink. It works really nicely and isn’t at all lost in the drink. A Ti Punch is also very pleasant with this cachaca the creamier notes really make for a very refreshing alternative to Rhum Agricole.

As with a lot of cachaca, cola and ginger beer aren’t its best partner but it makes a half decent stab at it. Better than some.Cachaca Tabua Flor de Prata rum review by the fat rum pirate

Overall this is a decent/good white unaged cachaca when used as a mixer. It doesn’t hit the mark as a sipper. It lacks any real complexity and is a bit harsh – almost Tequila like in some ways. I find myself “shotting” it which is not how I like to enjoy my spirits. I’m not 21 anymore…….(I’m an old fart double that age)

I would be keen to try Cachaca Tabua Flor de Ouro as that is aged for 10 years in Balsam and will be an entirely different proposition. I’ll have to ask my supplier to get me some…..

Good but nothing spectacular and certainly not something to sip on.





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