Caroni 100% Trinidad Rum Aged 15 Years by Velier

Caroni Aged 15 Years Rum Review by the fat rum pirateCaroni Aged 15 Years is the older brother of the Aged 12 Years I reviewed earlier.  Both bottlings by Velier standards are relatively inexpensive.

Both rums are example of the “heavy” style of Caroni/Trinidad rum.  Angostura do not produce “heavy” style rum under their own banner.

This rum was distilled in 1998 and bottled affer 15 years in 2013. In the UK a bottle of this rum costs around £55 – which is reasonable for any 15 year old rum.  Let alone a piece of history.  It is botled at 104 proof on the label – 52% ABV.

Like the 12 Year Old is comes in the 1940’s vintage style Caroni bottle.  As with most things Velier it comes in an opaque bottle. The 12 came in a see through traditional glass bottle  The retro feel of the bottle adds a nice touch.  It is halfway between a stubby bottle and a tall wine style bottle.  A 3/4 bottle if you like.

I’ve reviewed another similarly aged Caroni – an independent bottling from Scotland by the name of Ancient Mariner.  This rum was designed to replicate the taste of Navy issue rum.  That was aged for 16 years.  I am expecting a rum with more in common with that bottling than the 12 Year Old Velier.  Having said that this is rum so anything goes and I could be very wrong…………

In the glass the rum is noticeably darker than the 12 year old – a good shade or two darker.  A very nice copper colour where the 12 was almost gold/straw.

Velier Caroni Aged 15 years rum review by the fat rum pirateThe nose is familiar Caroni – however it is less smoky than some Caroni’s,  It is much less “petrol-ey” than the 12 Year Old.  It is more rounded with more fruit and a lot less of the more “intense” industrial notes that some Caroni’s have.

Zesty marmalade and lemon rind give the rum a fruity note. This runs nicely alongside the heavier notes of oak and the almost varnish aroma that is common with heavier Caroni’s.

The rum is sippable even at 52% and offers a very complex sip.  Dried fruits – almost a sweet raisin note are alongside more flavours of zesty orange and lemon peel. Less of the slightly astringent smoky and petrol like notes.

The 12 and 15 variants of these rums aren’t brothers – they come from different molasses distilled in different years.  This 15 year old was distilled in 1998 and aged in Trinidad until 2013.  It was then moved to Scotland to be bottled.  It was released in 2014 and bottles of this are still available.   The 12 year old was distilled in 2000 from the last of the Trinidad molasses.

I prefer this to the 12 year old.  Both the added complexity of the fruitiness in the profile and the smoother overall profile of the rum.  It’s a rum which offers a lot of complexity and shows yet again just how much of an impact tropical ageing can have on a spirit.

Velier Caroni 15 year old rum review by the fat rum pirateThis rum is available at a really competitive price point.  I feel its relatively low price may be why it hasn’t yet sold out.  It really does seem in some ways to good to be true.  I’m not sure how many bottles of this rum were available from the start.  I suspect it is a blend of Caroni rums that have been married at a young age and matured together.  I could be wrong about this – its just a guess really as “single barrel” etc is not denoted and it may explain the lower price point? Possibly a lot more bottles

This is another top notch bottling from Velier and it really is a step up from the 12 year old.  My review of the 12 year old is one of the most viewed on the site and consistently gets views every day.  I sincerely hope that a few of you read this review and decide to buy this rum while you still can.

You won’t be disappointed.

4.5 stars












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13 comments on “Caroni 100% Trinidad Rum Aged 15 Years by Velier

  1. A very nice rum indeed and I quite agree that it did seem as though it was too good to be true. I got a couple of bottles. Just finished one but I think I’ll leave the second one alone for now. I’ll drink it alright but I want a few Caronis in my stash. Not too far from the Ancient Mariner 16. I gather a 21 year old is in the pipeline.

  2. I love this rum! I’ve got 4 bottles currently. I also got a bottle of the 17 year version (same packaging but orange, even comes with mistakes in the text referring to 15 year). It’s amazing.

  3. I think in my lifetime I will never have a Velier aged Rum, so sad.

    • Peter, If you ever cross the water you can have some of mine.

  4. Where would someone here in the States get something like this?

  5. Funny enough I ordered a bottle of this rum this morning, after being a big fan of the Caroni 1996 from Bristol Classic.
    Will be interesting to taste the differences between the 2.
    Also the rum sounds excellent, so something worth seeking out, even when not comparing it to another Caroni. 🙂

    Cheers, Rob

    • Let me know how you find it Rob. If you are in the UK let me know we could perhaps set up a little sample swap in future

      • I’m located in Dublin “unfortunately” but I mostly buy rums in the UK as choices here are not that great.
        Only had under a 50 different rums so far (started being interested in rum, other Bacardi and coke, a bit over a year so far, so doubt that I have many rums that you haven’t tried yet. 😉

        Will let you know how I get on with this one.

        • Finally had a chance to try this rum, both on its own and directly compared with the Bristol Classic 1996.
          Found them very similar in taste, however the flavours in the Velier were much more intense.

  6. It’s a vetting of many casks, I believe both the heavy column and pot still rums. What I love about this is that there is 75% loss of spirit in angel’s share and they STILL bottled it at 52% abv. They could have tried to stretch it out, but no, you get it at near full proof. Good on ya Velier! And as you say, a very reasonable price too! I understand a 17yo is on the way from the same vintage, may be good to save a bit and do a head to head.

    • @Rumtastic Thanks for the information that’s great cheers!

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