Cadenhead’s MPM Diamond Distillery Aged 14 Years

Cadenheads MPM DIamond Distillery 14 Years Old Rum Review by the fat rum pirateCadenhead’s MPM Diamond Distillery Aged 14 Years. Another bottling from Cadenheads to celebrate their 175th Anniversary. This time from the Diamond Distillery or DDL (Demerara Distillers Limited). Today we are looking at a rum which was produced on the famous Port Mourant Still. We know this from the MPM legend on the label – Main Port Mourant (or something like that).

This rum was distilled back in 2003 and aged for 14 years, until 2017 when it was bottled by Cadenhead’s. It will be mostly Continentally aged In Europe. As mentioned already it was distilled on the Port Mourant Still. This still features heavily in DDL’s own El Dorado range, as well as in the iconic Pusser’s Rum . The 15 Year Old Pusser’s is entirely Port Mourant distillate. Well almost entirely give or take a spoonful or three of sugar…..

Bottled at Cask Strength of 59.1% ABV the rum comes in the usual stubby bottle with the slightly dated (in my humble opinion) labelling. The cut out card sleeve does give it a bit more class, as does the shiny 175th Anniversary medallion thingy-bobber.

Rather surprisingly and unlike many of the other 175th Anniversary bottlings, particularly the Whisky, this is still available direct from Cadenhead’s. You may think that this may be because it is expensive or over priced.? £50.95. Which I would class as more than reasonable for a rum of this age and provenance.

This may be why it is still available. Perhaps people are suspicious that, as it is pretty cheap it may also be pretty crap? Well that’s kind of what I’m here for. So if you are considering buying this bottle and you trust the palate of a Kebab munching Northerner you might wish to keep reading……

Cadenheads MPM DIamond Distillery 14 Years Old Rum Review by the fat rum pirateIn the glass the MPM is a light golden brown colour. Just a touch darker than straw or white wine. Whilst Cadenhead’s do often dilute their rums and whiskies to 46% ABV. See their Green Label series they never, ever add Caramel Colouring to their spirits. This is something they are very clear on. Nor do Cadenhead’s chill filter their spirits. So from time to time you may notice the rum is slightly murky or sediment appears in the bottom of the barrel. Don’t be scared it won’t harm you in any way.

The nose on this MPM rum is quite fruity. White grapes, fleshy, not quite ripe peaches, unsweetened notes of orange peel – marmalade and lime zest. The notes of aniseed and licorice I was expecting from the Port Mourant Still, are not as prominent on the nose as I was expecting. They are there but they are not as “big” as I have experienced before.

Further nosing reveals a slight mustiness – some mushrooms and some sharp oak tones. Despite all this it’s quite a light rum with a lot of fruitiness going on. Quite approachable for a Cask Strength rum.

Sipped at full ABV it has a really nice balance to it. The initial entry is bursting with light notes of aniseed and mild soft red licorice. It has a very nice mix of spiciness and fruity zests. Mixed peel and an almost Christmas pudding like note. There is a fair bit going on with this rum and it all balances out nicely. Albeit slighty unconventionally.

There is a saltiness running through this rum. Which works nicely surprisingly nicely alongside the sweeter notes, giving a much more complex sip. Whilst it is unmistakably a Port Mourant rum it is markedly different to the older Bristol Classic Rum expressions I have had, or even the Velier tropically aged efforts.Cadenheads MPM DIamond Distillery 14 Years Old Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

The finish is good and of a more than reasonable length – nicely spiced – cardamom and a lot of spicy lemon and lime zest – marmalade giving it a slightly bitter note to the very end.

It all works nicely and gives a very interesting sip. It’s fairly light overall but it is full of flavours that are all well defined and add depth to the rum.

Despite its potency, I never felt the need to add more than a drop or two of water to this rum.

It’s well worth looking at especially for the price which is a real bargain. Bottles of this are already appearing on auction sites so get one quick if you are fancying a bottle. Don’t pay secondary retail for some flipper to profit from. Fuck the Flippers is what I say.




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