Cachaca de Alambique Sucuri 2 Anos

Cachaca de Alambique Sucuri 2 Anos Rum Review by the fat rum pirateCachaca de Alambique Sucuri 2 Anos. Sucuri is the common name used in Brasil for an Anaconda. As a result, Cachaca Sucuri is produced at the intriguingly named, Anaconda Ranch in Vilhena, Rondonia.

The beginnings of cachaca production started at the ranch in 1999. when Joao Zanin moved his family there. Inspired by his father, who had also produced cachaça, as part of a self sustainability lifestyle. In 2000 Cachaca de Alambique Sucuri was born and began to be sold and marketed in the surrounding state.

Cachaca de Alambique Sucuri 2 Anos, is one of the the two products in the Sucuri range. The other is a 1 year old cachaca. Both cachaca’s are aged in oak casks. Whih as I understand it previously housed Malt Whisky. The company are very clear, that they do not add any sugar or colourings in their products.

I am not sure how widely available this cachaça is, even in Brasil. It seems to be quite a small operation. As a result, I have been unable to find out how much the rum retails for.

Cachaca de Alambique Sururi 2 Anos is produced on small Copper Pot Stills.It seems that this 2 Anos is only available in a stubby 500ml bottle. It is bottled at 39.5% ABV. Presentation  wise, it is more old school Cachaca and would probably need an update were it to become available, further afield. From what I can see, it may only be available in the Rondonia state of Brasil. This does seem very much like small scale cachaça production.

All the sugarcane is hand harvested and the full production takes place at the Anaconda Ranch farCachaca de Alambique Sucuri 2 Anos Rum Review by the fat rum piratem. From cane to bottle, if you like.

In the glass Cachaca de Alambique Sucuri 2 Anos is a straw/white wine colour. The oak casks have only slightly coloured this cachaça. As mentioned earlier, the producers do not add any colorant to their cachacas.

On the nose their is quite an acidic note – some lemon juice and dry white wine. These mingle with some very pleasant notes of vanilla, oak and some sweeter light toffee aromas.

Further nosing reveals a little bit of leather and some really nicely integrated woody notes. Sucuri 2 Anos has a really pleasant and nicely balanced nose. Very inviting.

Sipping Sucuri, is an equally pleasant experience. Much of what you get on the nose is transferred over to this cachaça. At only 2 years old, it still shows some sweet young alcohol notes and it has quite a lot of acidity on the initial sip. In many ways, its a bit like sipping on a super high strength dry white wine. Fruity, yet slightly smoky with a crisp and refreshing dryness on the palate. Lemon and lime juice drizzled white grapes, if such a thing has ever been done.

Further sips reveal more of the oak ageing. Once you are over the initial tartness, you get a really nice hit of vanilla and light caramel. There is a slightly smoky almost mineral-y like note as well.Cachaca de Alambique Sucuri 2 Anos Rum Review by the fat rum pirate Touch of Mezcal about it.

This is a light and refreshing style of cachaça. A real palate cleanser. Despite its relatively low ABV it still has enough kick to it to satisfy. The relative youth of this cachaça, probably helps with this.

The mid palate and finish are clean and crisp, with the woodier notes of the oak giving a dry and slightly short finish. This is the kind of cachaça you will sip often. It’s overall lightness makes it very easy to drink.

This is quite a classic light style of cachaça. Designed for easy drinking. It is reasonably complex, yet it has a really nice balance to it.

Whether you will get the opportunity to try this might be another matter, sadly.






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