Cachaca Alambique Brasil Carvalho e Amburana

Cachaca Alambique Brasil Carvalho e Amburana review by the fat rum pirateCachaca Alambique Brasil Carvalho e Amburana. I have previously written about this brand’s Ouro cachaça. That cachaca is aged solely in Amburana wood. This cachaça is a blend aged in both Carvalho (oak) and Amburana.

Hailing from the Serra do Cadeado House of Cachaca in Ortigueira, Parana State. Cachaca Alambique Brasil Ouro is produced under the guidance of Master Blender Armando Del Bianco.

Oritgueira is known as the Capital of Honey in Brasil. It is the countries largest exporter of the bee’s sweet nectar. Cachaca Alambique Brasil is produced in an ecological and sustainable environment. Everything used in the production of their cachaca is recycled or reused. Sugar Cane Bagasse is recycled in various ways and Svinasse, after being treated and mixed with manure, is used as fertiliser for the various crops on the plantation.

So once again we have another cachaça producer committed to producing environmentally friendly cachaça.

Cachaca Alambique Brasil Carvalho e Amburana is blend of cachaça aged for 8 months in new Amburana (a native Brasillian wood) and cachaça aged for 2 years in used oak (Carvalho). The Amburana barrels contain 200 litres of cachaça and the Carvalho barrels contain 180 litres of cachaça.

It has been quite difficult to find any further information on this particular expression and I have struggled to find it for sale online. So I am unsure how much it retails for. I assume it is quite a bit more expensive than their standard Ouro, which I reviewed last year. Presentation wise, as you can see it certainly looks more premium.

In the glass we have a straw coloured spirit. Nothing remarkable, if you are used to coloured molasses rum. Which often looks much more vibrant. This is a more honest colour with no colourings used. Unlike many molasses based rums……..

The nose opens with a mild array of spices – cinnamon and ginger predominantly. There are some nice notes of wood and allspice as well. Further nosing reveals a creaminess and some shortbread. There is a nice balance of vanilla and some icing sugar, which makes for a really nice well rounded nose.

Sipped Cachaca Alambique Brasil Carvalho e Amburana has a really nice spicy bite on the initial sip. Lots of ginger and cinnamon, with some really nice spicy wood and a slightly sweet soapy note. A touch of vanilla ice cream.

There is a slightly bitterness to the mid palate which adds a bit more wood to the preceedings. It also gives the sweeter notes of the initial sip a bit more depth and complexity.

Cachaca Alambique Brasil Carvalho e Amburana is not as sweet as the nose suggested. It has a very sligCachaca Alambique Brasil Carvalho e Amburana review by the fat rum pirateht medicinal note to it in the mid palate. Maybe just a tiny bit too soapy for some tastes. This however is rescued by the rich, warming finish.

It lingers far longer than you expect. Overall this is quite a light, clean tasting cachaça. At first you think all the flavour has gone but it almost returns to the mix. Giving some really nice warming notes of oak and allspice.

It’s more of an easy every day sipper than something that I would class as special but it has a very nice overall balance. The flavours that are there in what is a fairly light tasting cachaça, are well defined and nicely put together by the blender.

As a mixer its light nature means it is really best used solely as a sipper. It is also really to good a cachaça to really be mixing.









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