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Bacardi Superior White rum reviewThere’s probably not a lot to be said about Bacardi that hasn’t been said before.  Probably, on this blog and one of my other Bacardi reviews amongst other places.  It was on completing a review of Lemon Hart White Rum that I realised I hadn’t actually reviewed Bacardi Superior.  I’d had the pictures taken and reviewed a few other of Bacardi products but somehow I’d totally forgotten to review their flagship offering.

To most people Bacardi (and even rum) begins and ends with this rum.  Ask for a rum and coke and many places won’t even ask what you want and just serve a Bacardi and Coke.  To be honest in some places in the UK you’d be more than glad of a Bacardi!

Do I need to explain the bottle that Bacardi Superior comes in? Is there anyone on the planet with even the vaguest interest in rum (or just drink in general) who wouldn’t recognise Bacardi?  Bacardi Superior, Bacardi Gold and Bacardi Black all come roughly the same bottle.  I’ve said it before but I do like the way Bacardi presents it products.

The Bacardi Superior comes in, well a standard Bacardi bottle complete with bat logo, gold medals and the “Case Fundada En Cuba estd 1862” which any Bacardi aficionado will recognise.  The bottle I’m reviewing is 40% ABV and its a 1 litre bottle.

I made the mistake of trying to sip Lemon Hart White rum (and Wray and Nephew!) I’ve drank more than enough Bacardi Superior to know that sipping is not a good idea.  I sipped it along side the Mastro De Ron when conducting that review.  It’s a mixing rum and any pretence of anything else is frankly just plain stupid.

Bacardi works well in a classic Cuban Cuba Libre.  It is a mixing rum.  It is a white spirit that has a sweet fruity taste which vodka cannot match.  If you wish to look beyond this spirit and try to make it something else then you are looking at the wrong drink.  Let’s be honest a lot of people who drink Bacardi probably don’t even know its rum they probably just think its well errrm Bacardi!

A review of Bacardi Superior can be nothing other than brief.  It is a very sweet -apple, banana and a little sweet pear are all in the profile.  I don’t know how much sugar is in this rum but it is very, very sweet.  Being honest it isn’t something any serious “rum” lover is going to get excited about.  It’s probably of more interest to a mixologist or bartender.  I don’t build cocktails but I would imagine there will be times when certain cocktails really benefit from Bacardi Superior.

I often think of Bacardi Superior as “sweet vodka” a relatively inoffensive yet very sweet mixer.  I think if you knock this you’re kind of missing the point.  There’s plenty room for the rum’s you like alongside this.  Hey sales of this rum might even help subsidise the “better” Bacardi offerings such as 8 anos and Reserva.

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One comment on “Bacardi Superior

  1. I used to swig this stuff straight from the 1.75ML bottle in college. Good for gettin drunk on I guess.

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