An Interview with Nicholas Pullen – Top Beverages Limited

An Interview with Nicholas Pullen - Top Beverages LimitedAn Interview with Nicholas Pullen – Top Beverages Limited.

Late last year I reviewed a CBD (Cannabidiol) Infused Spiced Rum from Top Beverages Limited. Co-owner Nicholas Pullen has kindly agreed to answer some questions I posed of him. At the moment here in the UK we are in a lockdown, courtesy of COVID-19.

As a result the drinks industry has been severely disrupted. Here is Nick’s take on the current situation, the future of rum and his take on things being a new start up Craft Spirits producer. Nick is pictured with the co-founder of Top Beverages Limited Saf Ali.

1. Firstly please give a brief introduction on yourself and your role in the rum world. 

My name is Nicholas Pullen, co-founder of Top Beverages, the leading CBD craft spirits company. I started Top Beverages with the idea to create all natural spirits with no added sugars, flavours, essences or colours. In collaboration with our distiller, we created two unique rums, one a spice rum and the other a mocha rum consistent with these values. We believed a natural spirit would be a perfect fit for CBD as it too derives from a plant. Anything less would be inconsistent.

2. Obviously COVID-19 has been devastating to the hospitality industry, we cannot avoid this fact it has had a huge impact on us all. How damaging has it been to your business/role and what have you done to try and minimise this?

In times like these, I think we need to focus on the front line personnel as well as the many individuals and families who have been devasted by this epidemic. The only thing we focused on for Top Beverages was how we could help front line personnel some small way and that was by donating all of our profits from the sale of our gins to the NHS until the lockdown ends.

Your blog is the perfect forum to announce that we have extended this program to our rums as well. We know it won’t be as impactful as others, but ultimately health always is paramount, and honouring the brave front line workers who have put others first best represents Top’s values.

3. What first attracted you to the Rum World? What were your first experiences with rum?

Well a long time ago, my go to drink was a Captain and Ginger. At the time in college, I had no idea how poorly made Captain Morgan was with so much artificiality. It did the trick, but as I have aged, my body was demanding a healthier form of drink with an emphasis on quality.

4. How do you think the Rum World has changed over the past 5 years? Where do you see the Rum World in another 5 years? Where would you like to be in 5 years?

I think rum has followed the larger craft spirits movement and more innovation has been coming around rums as in all spirits. That is ultimately a positive as people are demanding better ingredients, better quality, better taste and less artificiality.

In the coming five years, I expect to see more of an emphasis on using sustainable means to distil rums from ingredients to the actual distillation itself. Our mocha rum represents this ideal using 100% renewable energy to power the still but also using a discarded byproduct to actually make the rum itself.

I try not to look ahead as this crisis has reminded me that every day is valuable so in that regard, I can tell you that tomorrow I will do what I try my best to do and that is to prioritize my family and friends before everything else.

Hydrometer Tests by the fat rum pirate5. What is your stance on additives in rum? Would you like to see more Universal Regulation?

Yeah so additives are shit and I think it is absurd that there is not more regulation mandating what ingredients are in all the spirits we consume, including proper nutritional information. Why there isn’t is mind boggling to me.

6. How do you view your role within the Rum World? What do you hope to “bring” to the rum community? Do you reach out beyond your day job in rum?

I think it would be too arrogant to say that I have any role in the rum world, being a small start up craft spirits company. I hope that my products show that people should not be afraid to be natural, use clean ingredients and push the boundaries of flavour and taste without artificiality.

7. Do you actively use Social Media to reach out with other Rum Drinkers and Enthusiasts? If so where might we find you?

Truth be told, I hate social media on a personal level. I guess I am too old or old-fashioned or probably both. But I do understand the power of it as a means of communication. You can follow us @topbeverages on Instagram and @thedonasofia, which is the line of new CBD Ready To Drink’s we are launching in July that incorporates our values of craft all natural spirits with all natural handmade low calorie, low sugar mixers.

8. Which rum producers are your current favourites?

Well being how I brought my own spirits into quarantine with me, I will go with Top Beverages Spiced Rum.

9. Which rum producers/brands do you think are currently flying under the radar? Name 3 rums people may not have tried but really should give a go

I will punt on this answer but will say that people should just go and exp

Top CBD Spirits Spiced Rum review by the fat rum pirate

eriment and try different things with the understanding that what they are consuming could be artificially coloured, flavoured or loaded with excess sugar.

10. Finally, what is your idea of the perfect rum and/or rum drink/cocktail?

Give me a dark and stormy all day.

So there we have it. Some really interesting answers and some really great work being done by Top Beverages Limited, donating profits to the NHS at this time is a wonderful gesture.

Also it’s nice to hear the perspective of some of the smaller, newer producers. You can buy products from Top Beverages Limited here.




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