1968 Portsmouth White Rum

1968 Portsmouth White Rum review by the fat rum pirate1968 Portsmouth White Rum. Over the past few years a number of Rum Producers have sprung up in the UK. I’ve focused quite a bit on some of the offerings from Scotland and its outer isles.

Today I am at the other end of the UK down in Sunny Hampshire at the Portsmouth Distillery. The distillery is situated in Fort Cumberland on the South Eastern corner of Portsea Island on the shingle spit known as Eastney Point. It was built to control the entrance to Langstone Harbour to the east, and to improve the defences of Portsmouth Dockyard to the west. It now houses the Portsmouth Distillery and visitor centre.

Portsmouth Distillery has been producing a number of rums and gins since 2018. 1968 Portsmouth White Rum is one of their “core range”.

1968 Portsmouth White Rum is an unaged white rum produced from Sugar Cane Syrup, rather than molasses. I am not entirely sure of the production method but the distillery notes that they create the Sugar Cane Syrup. Suggesting that they are using something simillar to Panela/Rapadura/Jaggery. Which is essentially dehydrated sugar cane juice which is then rehydrated to produce the syrup. (Don’t quote me on this though as I am not entirely sure how it all works).

Technically from what I understand under EU regulations (do we

1968 Portsmouth White Rum review by the fat rum pirate

still need to worry about these in the UK?) this can’t be classed as rum. However, as this rum has been around a few years now – there doesn’t seem to be any appetite anywhere to challenge this or have it re-named. I guess as long as HMRC get their cut they aren’t that bothered and is its unlikely to kill anyone – neither are Trading Standards etc.

Presentation wise 1968 Portsmouth White Rum comes in a 3/4 stubby style bottle with rounded edges. It is 41% ABV. Presentation is clear and uncluttered and the metal topped plastic cork stopper is nice and chunky. If you are interested in a bottle you can but direct from Portsmouth Distillery. Having said that a bottle of this rum is a lot cheaper over at Master of Malt.

Portsmouth Distillery have a few other rums in their portfolio so I will hold back further information I have anything to keep those reviews interesting. We’ll now get down to the good part……..the tasting.

In the glass you can probaby guess that this is an 100% clear liquid. Its unaged so no time in the cask to impart any colour.

1968 Portsmouth White Rum on the nose is light and sweet with lots of vanilla ice cream and lighter toffee notes. It’s not as molasses heavy as some unaged UK white rum, likely due to not being made from molasses I guess! It has a slight grassy-ness to it but I wouldn’t mistake it for an unaged Agricole Rhum.

Further nosing reveals some creamy, milky Cachaca-esque notes and a hint of strawberry. Sweet foam bananas as well. I’m pleased to report however that this comes up clean on the Hydrometer.

Sipping unaged white rum is not everybody. 1968 Portsmouth White Rum shows a bit more of its teeth when you try sipping it neat. At 41% ABV its not hugely fiery but it certainly warms the cockles so to speak.

A few sips in the burn calms and I’m finding quite a sweet, floral spirit. It’s a touch on the light side for my personal tastes – as a sipper at least.1968 Portsmouth White Rum review by the fat rum pirate

To be fair Portsmouth Distillery do recommend mixing this rum – mixed in a Mojito or in a simple T-Punch it works nicely – the more floral elements of the rum work nicely and make for a well balanced drink.

Whether this is truly rum or a “sugar cane spirit” is questionable however the quality is not in question. It’s good stuff. This is a very nice spirit and one which will go down perhaps a little too easily once you start mixing………










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