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Tellura Amburana Cachaca Rum review by the fat rum pirateTellura Amburana Cachaca. Tellura are a Cachaca brand from Campos de Goytacazes City, in Fazenda Abbadia, which is in Rio de Janeiro state.

They were producing sugar and Cachaca since at least the 1920’s at Abbadia Farm. However, they only recently re-introduced their Cachaca production. Which might be why their bottles are a little more contempory in the their design. More “Western-ised” perhaps.

Tellura as a brand have three Cachaca’s. A Prata (or silver/white), a Cachaca aged for one year in Jequitiba and this Cachaca Amburana which is aged for one year in Jequitiba wood and a further year of ageing in Amburana.

Their website also shows they have a Facebook and Instagram account. So they are definitely wired up for the current trends in Social Media etc.

Tellura Cachaca is produced in Copper Pot Stills and is distilled to 48% ABV. Only the heart of the distillate is used in the production of the final Cachaca.

Their Prata was a solid if unspectacular Cachaca but as this has been aged l am expecting something a little more interesting with this effort. As with most of the Cachacas I have been reviewing this isn’t available in the UK as yet but the look of it does suggest they are trying to being it to the Western market as it is very sleek and modern (not unlike Leblon) in terms of presentation.

In the glass Tellura Amburana presents itself as a very light golden brown – almost straw in colour or white wine.

Nosed you get what, is becoming more familiar to me – notes of Amburana wood. This is a delicate floral wood which gives this Cachaca a very light, floral approach. This sits alongside a nice burst of sugar cane juice and alcohol notes. Notes of vanilla and light honey rest nicely alongside a lovely nutty aroma.

This is easy going and approachable yet deceptively complex.

As a sipper its very floral and slightly soapy – mild notes of carbolic soap rest alongside more floral notes of rosepetal and a touch of sandalwood. It has a reasonably complex flavour profile. Much of which is promised on the nose transfer over to the sip. I’m getting a lot of cashew nut and some spiciness from the woTellura Amburana Cachaca Rum Review by the fat rum pirateod which adds a little depth.

I’m enjoying sipping this and quite surprised at how approachable it is for its age. Mixed Tellura Ambruana is a good substitute for Agricole rhum in a Ti Punch and it works nicely in a Caiprinha. It does seem a bit of a shame to mix this Cachaca though.

This is a kind of everyday Cachaca that I would imagine is not hugely expensive so you can mix or sip it and it works well with both.

Back to the sip and further sipping reveals some citrus and some hints of ginger. The only downside with this Cachaca is that the finish fades quite quickly and the mid palate is quite short. You’ll find yourself sipping this little and often (or a lot and often depending on how you do it!). It’s not a Cachaca which you might sit back and savour between sips for too long. The flavours simply do not hang around. The finish leaves you with a little spiciness and some zest but its just a touch too mild for my palate.

This is a softer, more approachable young Cachaca but a very enjoyable one nonetheless.



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