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McDowell’s No1 Celebration Deluxe XXX Rum

McDowell's No1 Celebration Deluxe XXX Rum review by the fat rum pirateMcDowell’s No1 Celebration Deluxe XXX rum. A first for this site, in that I am reviewing a rum from a cardboard box…..The ethos of this site has always been that I’ll review pretty much anything that has rum written somewhere on the label.

I know a lot of other review sites swerve from what they perceive as “inferior” spirits. At the end of the day the idea of this site is to try and inform your more average consumer. I like the idea that people can walk into a store and if they see something they are unsure of, they can search for a review online. Hopefully, they will come across a review from this site which will better inform them, whether to purchase or not. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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