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Pyrat Pistol

Pyrat Pistol Rum Review by the fat rum piratePatron’s Pyrat XO Reserve is perhaps one of the most controversial rums on the planet.  Derided by many as little more than an orange flavour liqueur it still sells by the bucketload all around the world.

Pyrat XO Reserve offends people on many different levels.  Not only does the orange flavour gain criticism from those in hope of a more authentic rum its over the top packaging and garish orange box serves only to fuel people’s ire towards this rum.  Then of course is the little matter of the added sugar and the desecrating of what was at one point a very decent rum (when it was called Planter’s Punch and not owned by Patron – this is not my words just want I have noted online so don’t quote me!), which all adds upto it being the Marmite of rum. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Pyrat Rum XO Reserve

Pyrat XO Rum ReviewI don’t know what the sales of this rum are like worldwide. However, I’ve seen it stocked in a few high end hotels over here in the UK and a good few wine merchants carry it.

However, it hasn’t quite hit Aldi over here yet and I suspect it never will!

If Patron did indeed “add” the infamous orange flavour to this rum then as a marketing strategy it would seem to have worked wonders! Notwithstanding Bacardi this rum brand has to the be one of the most talked about rum brands in the world (not bad going consider they only do two rums!). Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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