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Six Saints Caribbean Rum Review by the fat rum pirateSix Saints Caribbean Rum. Hailing from the island of Grenada via spirits importer Crucial Drinks comes Six Saints Caribbean Rum. I was told some time ago that this rum was the “same” as Clarke Court’s Old Grog Rum. Quite who, when and where  was told that I don’t know.

Anyway, although I enjoyed Old Grog back in the day the review dates back to 2014, looking back I do think it had an almost artificial banana flavour added to it. Maybe I should get another sample and do a re-review? We’ll see.

Six Saints Caribbean Rum was a rum I avoided for another reason as well. Despite there being two active distilleries on Grenada – Grenada Distillers Limited (Clarkes Court) and River Antoine (Rivers Royale) there was one other rum producer Westerhall Estate. They no longer distill their own rums. Instead using rum from Trinidad and now Barbados and blending it. I feared because Six Saints was marketed as Caribbean rum hailing from Grenada rather than specifically saying it’s distilled at a specific distillery – it might have been similar to Westerhall.

Anyway this was on offer at Amazon for around £25 a bottle so I thought I would finally give it a spin. Upon carrying out a little more research at the brands website, I am pretty sure this rum is distilled at Grenada Distillers Limited. It notes the distillery is in the south of the island near the capital St.George and became active in 1937.

Six Saints Caribbean Rum is a “small batch” rum which is bottled at 41.7% ABV 100% tropically aged in ex-bourbon barrels. As far as I am aware they do not have Pot Stills at Grenada Distillers so this is column distilled rum. In the UK it retails at around £30. The website seems to have it priced quite competitively at £25.99 Six Saints Caribbean Rum Review by the fat rum pirateat the moment.

There aren’t that many reviews of this rum – or indeed Clarkes Court products in general. Distribution of Six Saints seems to focus on the UK. Recently the brand have released a few different “finished” rums. Presention wise the label is quite busy and I like the squat bottle and the cork stopper is a nice touch. I would prefer a bit more information about the actual rum though. Tales and background are nice but I like to know exactly what the juice is inside.

I’ve never really heard anyone say anything about this rum so it’ll be interesting to see how i find it.

In the glass we have a fairly light spirit. Lacking an age statement I would guess this is around 3-4 years old. It’s shade darker perhaps than straw.

The nose is also quite light with a fair amount of vanilla and some gent

le oak spicings, It’s quite similar to an Angostura rum but isn’t quite as heavy on the vanilla. (This doesn’t have any additives).

It’s reasonably pleasant but you do get a bit of young sweet alcohol. It’s not the most complex or challenging of noses. There’s a little brown sugar and some light ginger but it’s not taking long to work out.

Sipped it has a pleasant mildly sweet entry with lots of vanilla and light toffee. Plenty of dry oak and spices make this taste a lot better than it smelled. Certainly more complex and with quite a nice overall profile.

It’s short though – the mid palate doesn’t evolve much and the finish disappears pretty quickly. It’s a very dry rum but not one with any discernable length or overall complexity. You get an initial burst of flavour and then it kind of just disappears. It reminds in many ways of young South/Central American rums such as Flor de Cana 5. What is there flavourwise isn’t too shabby but it’s not a very long lasting experience.

It’s not unpleasant or inoffensive in anyway but it lacks any real complex body. It’s just not terribly exciting. I prefer some of the rums from Clarkes Court themselves over this to be honest.

Six Saints Caribbean Rum Review by the fat rum pirateAt the price I paid I didn’t mind putting Six Saints Caribbean Rum into a few mixed drinks. It made a decent if somewhat pedestrian rum and cola. It didn’t add a great deal of anything to most things though. It’s functional and serviceable. I can’t imagine anyone getting to excited about this.

By no way is this a dreadful rum – it has no additives and has been aged for a decent period and it has no real off notes. It just has little to get excited about.

As average as average can be.






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