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Saliboa Cachaca Seleta Cachaca Rum Review by the fat rum pirateSaliboa Cachaca is part of the Seleta (Select) family of products. It is one of their more recents products. It is also one of their older cachacas, in terms of ageing.

Hailing from Salinas, MInas Gerais which is often seen as the capital of Cachaca production Seleta is amongst Brasil’s best-selling cachacas. In 2012, Seleta has received the seal of a Geographical Indication (GI) of the INPI. Its location, as well as the climate and soil, promote the development of a great variety of wild yeasts which help with the quality and taste of the cachaça produced by the company.

Saliboa Cachaca is produced on Copper Pot Stills from freshly harvested suit is a gar cane. It is then aged for 5 years in Tabebuia Chrysantha (known as Ipe Amarelo in Brasil) wood. This wood is from tree native to the tropical rainforests of South America. It is the national tree of Venezuela.

Saliboa Cachaca is available in 3 bottles sizes – 120ml, 670ml an 600ml. For some reason the presentation is different for the 120ml and 670ml bottles, which are presented in ceramic rather than glass bottles. The picture at the top of the review is of the 600ml bottle. For once I can happily report that you can obtain this particular cachaça in the UK it is available from the following Portuguese food specialist here.

The price of £29.95 is not bad at all for a “niche import”. It is the 600ml bottle and is bottled at 45.5% ABV. Looks wise with its metal cap it looks more like a German Pilsener than a bottle of cachaça/rum. I guess the producers do not expect the bottles to last very long. You would have to find your own cork to seal it if you wished it last longer than one sitting.

Seleta have their own website which will give you a bit more information on the brand and its others products. Their Cachaca Seleta is noted as being the “Darling of Brasil”, such is its popularity.

In the glass Saliboa Cachaca is a shade or two darker than straw or white wine. Very light brown. Clearly the casks the cachaça has aged in have only give a very subtle colour to the spirit.

The nose is light and fragrant with some slightly soapy but very nicely balanced aromas of vanilla, sandalwood and some sweet grassy notes.

Further nosing reveals some nice spicy notes of ginger and some turmeric. This combines with some light toffee and perhaps a dollop of caramel sauce.

The wood influence on this cachaça is very pleasant – slightly floral but its subtlety has had a really nice effect on the spirit. This is quite a unique nose and one which is very pleasant and inviting.

Sipping Saliboa Cachaca is an equally pleasant experience. An initial burst of sweet toffee notes mingles alongside freshly cut ginger and some green chilli. It is refreshing and warming at the same time. Palate cleansing yet the finish is long and full of vanilla and pears.

Despite a relatively high ABV (Cachaca can only be 48% anything higher in ABV becomes Aguardente de Cana) of 45.5% ABV this has a really nSaliboa Cachaca Seleta Rum review by the fat rum pirateice subtle balance to it. Like the best Barbados rums this is more about skillful blending and subtlety, as opposed to brute force flavour.

Further sips, reveal a light smoke on the palate which works beautifully alongside the subtle notes of ginger and even a touch of garlic or chive. This isn’t a very grassy cachaça, the sugar cane only really shows it’s sweeter caramelised notes, rather than grassy aromas.

This is a fantastic cachaça and one which I am really enjoying. The finish is long and warming, with a really long fade. The best thing about this cachaça is the balance, it doesn’t have any “off notes”. It’s subtle yet backs sufficient punch to satisfy the taste buds.

I’ll be seeking out other Cachaca’s aged in this type of wood if available, as this is very distinctive and very good!






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