S.B.S The 1423 Single Barrel Selection Denmark 2014

S.B.S The 1423 Single Barrel Selection Denmark 2014 rum review by the fat rum pirateS.B.S The 1423 Single Barrel Selection Denmark 2014. As 1423 are based in Denmark it is perhaps unsurprising to see a rum from Denmark being bottled by them.

Whilst Denmark might not be the most obvious place to find rum being distilled, the rum scene in Denmark is booming. Bottlers such as Compagnie des Indes often release rums solely for the Danish market – often at Cask Strength. There are a number of notable rum enthusiasts hailing from Denmark – Ingvar Thomsen, Johnny Drejer and of course Mads Heitmann of Romhatten.com.

I have experienced Danish rum in the past from Skotlander, so I have quite high hopes for this bottling from the micro distiller Enghaven. They have their own website here. The distillery is based in Mellerup, Randers. Their own “brand” rum has won a medal or three at the Berlin International Spirits Competition amongst others.

The rum was distilled in 2014 and 239 bottles were produced in 2018 from a Single Cask. Bottled at Cask Strength of 50.6% ABV. It is a blend of Pot and Column distillates. The rum was matured solely in an ex-Port Cask. Aside from this rum you can find a number of Enghaven’s products (they distill whisky as well) for sale here.

The rum is nicely presented in line with the other rums in the line up. You get a nice stubby bottle which has information about the actual rum – something a lot of producers could learn from. A cut out card sleeve helps store the rum and the cork stopper is to be expected, at this price point. In the UK you should expect to pay around £90 for a 70cl bottle. You can view all the rums in the 1423 range here.

When poured, Denmark 2014 Enghaven Distillery is a vibrant orange/golden brown. The nose is quite familiar and it reminds me of the rums from Skotlander. The port cask influence is very apparent giving the rum a very rich and intense sweetness on the nose. Huge juicy raisins, cranberries and redcurrant jam come rush onto the nose. Slightly more acidic tannic notes of red wine also put in an appearance. There is a slight musty-ness on the nose as well which mixes in with some light baking spices and ginger.

The nose also shows that this is a fairly young rum. It’s quite fiery – the nose does have a lot of alcohol fumes and some white pepper heat wafts up the nose once the initial sweetness has subsided.

Sipping the rum it is very fiery. Hot chilli and black pepper hit you on the initial sip. There is a touch of curry powder in there as well. Further sips reveal some of the port cask influence and you get some more fruity notes – more blackcurrant than anything else and some pomegranate – with a slight bitterness – cranberries perhaps.

50.6% ABV isn’t particularly strong but this rum feels a lot “hotter” than that. This is a full blooded bruiser of a rum. Real fire water in many respects.

A couple more sips and you start to notice some treacly molasses notes but its still very, very spicy. I’m a fan of spicy food so I quite like this rum – it’s very different.

The finish is best described as long and intense. I’m reminded of a very hot pepper sauce and vindaloo curry!

With all these heat you might find a drop or two of water helps bring out some of the subtleties of this rum. It does indeed, it tunes this down from Vindaloo to Madras and you get an added layer of complex – yet still spicy flavours with a drop or three of water. Cardamon, turmeric and a lot of fresh ginger.S.B.S The 1423 Single Barrel Selection Denmark 2014 rum review by the fat rum pirate

This is a very different rum and its a pretty strange one. As spicy as some of the Mexican Charanda I have tried (Los Valientes for example). Though this has more of an actual rum feel to it – you still get the  molasses and sugar cane.

A real “marmite” of a rum I feel. I can’t help feeling, some of the 239 people who buy this rum, probably won’t enjoy it all that much.

Luckily, I did and its a really different rum experience. Not an everyday sipper but it’s very interesting and quite challenging.

Man it doesn’t half numb your tongue! It’s drinks like a 151 in many ways. I like it though, it really works for me.

Booooommmmm.  A very good start to the 2019 S.B.S range



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