Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 Year

Matusalem Gran Reserva Puerto Rico Cuba Rum ReviewRead other blogs etc and you’ll see a war of words over what this rum actually is.  Is it Cuban or is it Dominican? Should it be called a Cuban rum? Blah,blah,blah

In all honesty this is the pointless bickering which pisses me off and makes me quickly leave some rum blogs and forums.  I worry for people who some things are really so important in their lives.  I’ll still have my say on the subject but I certainly won’t be drawn into an argument with regard my opinion.

Matusalem rum is produced in the Dominican Republic because the poor buggers that make it had to flee Cuba when Fidel came along.  It was once one of Cuba’s most popular brands.  So when they moved to the Dominican Republic did they change how they made the rum? I doubt it. Did the climate change the rum? Maybe a little bit, perhaps.  Does the rum taste similar to Havana Club? Yes. Is it light and delicate like most Cuban rums? Yes. Are fine Dominican rums similar eg Brugal? Yes

So basically its either a Cuban or Dominican Republic rum which tastes…… a Cuban or Dominican Republic rum.  Right now that’s sorted onto the review.

There is something about this rum that makes me think about The Rum Diary (I must be the only person to have enjoyed that) film I don’t know if its something to do with the weird almost old-fashioned shape of this bottle.  Packaging wise the rum is brilliant I love the bottle, cardboard sleeve and a lovely corked enclosure.  Great stuff.  It looks chic and vintage without looking old-fashioned.

Another boring debate over this rum (and most solero rums) is the age of the rums in the blend.  Again who cares as long as it tastes okay?

So onto the actual rum.  As the picture shows the rum is actually quite a vibrant golden brown colour.  Initially it doesn’t give much of a smell beyond a kind of perfumed alcohol.  Not at all unpleasant after a little while in the glass I do notice a little vanilla.  However, I’m no expert in the “nosing” stakes.

Upon sipping the rum it is smooth and very well blended in that respect.  The vanilla I could smell earlier comes through in the flavour along with some smoke and oakiness.  The aftertaste is quite spicy and hot.  Not in an alcohol burn way but more in a tingle on the tongue and taste buds.

As a sipping rum it isn’t the most complex of rums.  However, the average price of this rum has to be taken into account.  At between £25-30 it isn’t in the same price bracket as most complex and rewarding sipping rums.

Mixed 50/50 with cola the rum is almost creamy giving a smooth texture to the cola and rum mix.  It’s very easy drinking.  This is a very well constructed rum.  It has a lot of similarities in terms of smoothness to Angostura 1919.  Unfortunately much like Angostura 1919 the smoothness seems to sacrifice a little extra complexity in terms of flavour.  The rum doesn’t burst with tropical fruit.  Its a light smooth easy drinking rum with hints of vanilla and a smokiness in the profile.

All in all a good rum at a good price.  It doesn’t offer any surprises but for any lover of Cuban/Dominican style rums this is sure to appeal.

2.5 stars







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