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Diplomatico Anejo Reserva Exclusiva Rum ReviewThis is the entry level rum in the Diplomatico range.  If I’d been told a few years ago that one day I would be savouring one of Venezuela’s biggest exports I would have been gobsmacked (and worried about what exactly it might entail!).

As far as “entry level” rum is concerned this is a very good start on anyone’s rum journey.  The rum is around the £22 mark, which is more expensive than other “entry level” rums such as Appleton Special, Mount Gay Eclipse, Cockspur 5 star and Brugal.  However, I’m not sure what the cheapest Venezuelan rum is……

For a rum under £25 I was quite surprised to get such quality packaging.  It came in the trendy stubby style bottle but unlike so many cheaper rums it actually has a cork stopper! The label is nice.  The Diplomatico rum Anejo, Reserva and Reserva Exclusiva are all well packaged and you kind of get a feel for the hierarchy in the packaging.  None of them are packaged badly but each rum just looks that little bit nicer.

The rum pours as most 3-5 year old anejo’s – a nice golden colour.  I’m not expecting a unique sipping experience with this.  In hindsight it smells initially very much like the Reserva Exclusiva, with just a bit more alcohol in the mix.  The rum is aged but it is around 4 years old.  Before tasting I’m judging it mainly against my beloved Chairman’s Reserve.

The taste straight is fairly rough, but you can tell that this is a decent tipple.  Mixed with a little cola the rum is fairly similar in some respects to Chairman’s Reserve, it has some smokiness to it, it’s quite rough (a man’s drink) but not in a bad way.

I worry that I continually say I enjoy these rums but at the same time I’m very conscious ( you hadn’t noticed?) of the price I am paying for my rum.  I do not believe that you can review rums without considering the price.  Some feel you should just taste it.  I do agree with that partly but at the end of the day there are times when I just want a cheapish rum that I can enjoy getting drunk (Do rum snobs get drunk?) to.

At just over £20 this is a rum I would recommend.  If you are looking to step up from a Cockspur 5 star or anything you see in the optics of your local then give this a whirl.  If nothing else at least you’ll know in future if premium rum’s are for you.

3 stars






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