Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum

Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum Review by the fat rum pirateJamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum. This is the second of the Jamaica Cove rums that I have for review.

Jamaica Cove takes its name from the caves and coves dotted around the Cornish Coast of Southern England. Used by smugglers to hide their booty of rum from British Colonies such as Jamaica.

In recent years Plantation Rum have made Pineapple Rum a thing, with their Dicken’s inspired “Stiggins’ Fancy” pineapple flavoured rum.

Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum uses a base rum of Pot and Column still Jamaican rum aged up to 3 years. The rum hails from distilleries such as Hampden, Clarendon and Worthy Park. It is then infused with authentic Pineapple flavouring. The process doesn’t sound quite as intensive as Plantation’s hand cutting and macerating Queen Victoria Pineapples but this Pineapple rum is considerably less expensive than Stiggins Fancy.

In the UK you should expect to pay around £26 for a bottle of Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum. It is bottled at 40% ABV which is quite bold for a flavoured rum. Most like Bacardi’s “Spirit Drink” flavoured “rums” are bottled at 32% ABV and below. Which is why they are noted as Spirit Drinks not rum. To be labelled as rum in the EU it must be 37.5% ABV Even though the base is rum.

Presentation wise Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum comes in a stubby bottle with a plastic topped chunky synthetic cork stopper. Presentation is clear and modern. Although the marketing may be a bit “fairy tale” it is actually based on truth and several films/documentaries etc have been made about the smugglers coves.

Reviewing Flavoured rums is not something many reviewers bother with. I’ve always approached this blog with the view that I will write about what I think is popular or what people are curious about. I try and cover all bases. I know a lot of people will be looking at this rum and its price point and considering giving it a try over Stiggins’ Fancy. Which is £10 more expensive. At the lower and mid level price points consumers are very price conscious in the UK.

I am hoping that I get a rum which has a good Pineapple flavour but a decent weight of “rum” as well.

Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum Review by the fat rum pirateIn the glass Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum is a dark/reddish brown with orange flashes.

On the nose Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum is well – very Pineapple(y). You would identify straight away that this is a Pineapple flavoured spirit.

Would you identify it as being a Pineapple flavoured rum? Thankfully yes. Beneath the sweet Pineapple juice notes you can still nose the Jamaican rum base. Particularly the Clarendon element which shines through onto the nose.

Although Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum is very sweet on the nose – it thankfully hasn’t been packed full of additives. Aside from the Pineapple flavouring which has been used in just the right measure.

Sipping Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum is a much subtler affair than the nose suggested. You get more authentic slightly bitter Pineapple flavour than the very juice like nose. It’s still quite sweet but no cloyingly so. It’s really easy to sip neat. Thankfully there is enough rummy goodness in the sip to make you feel you are still drinking rum. Nice notes of young Jamaican rum add a spicy and slightly fiery undercurrent to the sweet Pineapple flavour.

Once you get past the Pineapple flavour Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum reveals some quite complex notes of Breakfast tea and some really noticeable Pot Still Jamaican rum – a really nice punch of funk towards the end of the sip.

I particularly enjoy the finish which is nice and boozy with a lot of fiery pepper and ginger. Some really nice notes of oak as well.Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

At the price point you may find yourself mixing it. The rear label suggests mixing this with Pineapple Juice – personally I wouldn’t as it just gets all too much. However it works really well in a Pina Colada and I particularly enjoy this with cola. This is a sweet tasting treat but it has sufficient menace and rumminess to keep me happy.

The obvious comparisons will be how does it compare to Plantation’s Stiggins’ Fancy? I would say pretty favourably to be honest. It’s a Pineapple rum that tastes of Pineappel. Like Stiggins’ Fancy it retains enough rum character to stop it from becoming like a sweet liqueur or flavoured Vodka.

Nicely done.





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One comment on “Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum

  1. I originally wanted the plantation rum, but when i tried it i couldnt taste much pineapple so went for this- i love it! Great in a pineapple mojito.

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