Drinks by the Dram The Rum Advent Calendar

Drinks by the Dram The Rum Advent Calendar review by the fat rum pirateDrinks by the Dram The Rum Advent Calendar. Warning! This article contains spoilers. If you have bought this calendar and do not wish to know any of the contents. Stop reading now!

Re-visit your youth, minus the cheap nasty “chocolate”, with an Advent Calendar for grown ups. Not just ordinary Gin, Vodka or Whisk(e)y swilling grown ups though, proper sophisticated grown ups that imbibe only the finest of cane spirits.


A Rum Advent Calendar brought to us by the Masters of the Tot – Drinks by the Dram. For those of you who either live in a cave or are perhaps new to rum, Drinks by the Dram offer 3cl “tots” of an array of fine rums in dinky little miniature wax sealed bottles, that have more than a touch of Pirate about them.

Unsure about forking out on a full 70cl bottle? Drinks by the Dram will send you a handy 3cl tot of rum for a fraction of the price of the full bottle. So, yo. 72cl u can make more educated decisions about what you spend your hard earned pennies on. Obviously, an even cheaper way to do this, is just to take my advice and buy what I say is good but as you are reading this you probably know this already? Right?

Drinks by the Dram have been producing a Rum Advent Calendar for as long as I have been around the Rum Scene. They provide Advent Calendar’s that will suit just about every taste. Until recently they have been the only place to find a Rum Advent Drinks by the Dram The Rum Advent Calendar review by the fat rum pirateCalendar. They now have a little competition in the face of 1423.dk’s 24 Days of Rum Advent Calendar, which unlike this effort provides two handy tasting glasses and some cards to write your notes on each rum. That calendar is also half the price of this effort. It’s a tricky choice.

So, I hear you ask what might interest me in this particular calendar? Well for a start you get more rum, Secondly the box which houses the calendar is more sturdy and the overall design is a bit more polished. It’s certainly a bit more premium overall. This box provides you with just over a full regular bottle of rum 72cl where 24 Days of Rum offers 48cl.

I will admit that £150 does seem a lot to be spending on Advent Calendar.

Drinks by the Dram The Rum Advent Calendar review by the fat rum pirateHowever, if you were to try and taste the 24 rums in this box by any other means you would spend a lot more than £150. There are some absolutely cracking rums in this calendar. Personally if I bought someone this, it would be part of their Christmas present and I would expect little argument over that!

Presentation wise Drinks by the Dram have stolen the show with this years fantastic effort. It’s a stunning, attention grabbing effort. Great detail on the map and compass design. It’s a very premium effort. There are actually two version so of this calendar available presentation wise. The rums contained in both remain the same.

But what I hear you ask are the rums like? Well here is a run down (though not the running order) of the juice you are getting for your £150…….

Not a bad line up I’m sure you will agree. Some pretty premium offerings in there that have really caught my eye (Hampden Estate Overproof, Appleton Joy and Doorly’s 14 Year Old are amongst the best rums released over the past few years.

Drinks by the Dram The Rum Advent Calendar is available at Master of Malt.

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