Doorly’s Fine Old Barbados Rum Aged 8 Years

Doorly's 8 year old rum review by the fat rum pirateDoorly’s is an historic Bajan rum brand now owned by Foursquare Distilery.  It was the first branded rum to be exported from the island of Barbados. Bulk rum was exported in casks long before Doorly’s,

The Doorly’s brand has been in existence since 1908.  This however, is a new expression.

Aged for 8 years in American White Oak this is very much an extension of the classic 5 year old Doorly’s.  The presentation and colour scheme are identifical.  The only real difference is the back label and the number of years denoted on the front.

This particular edition of Doorly’s was intended for the Australian market.  However Foursquare’s European distributor Marussia Beverages acquired a few bottles (the picture at the bottle of the review shows the details stamped on the rear of the bottle).  In the UK you can pick up a bottle at The Whisky Exchange for £29.95.

The rum is blend of column and pot still rums and is bottled at 40% ABV.

There really isn’t a great deal else to say about the rum or Foursquare.  Certainly nothing that I haven’t said before! So lets move onto the meat of the review.

In the glass Doorly’s 8 year old is a classic reddish/golden brown.  Likely there is some caramel colouring to help with colour consistency.

Nosing reveals a light, fruity typical Bajan style of rum.  Classic rum I would say.  It’s beautifully balanced.  It displays all the classic traits of tropical ageing in American oak casks.  Lovely light summer fruits, vanilla and the sweet/sour mash spice of the Bourbon casks.

If this was from another producer I would be surprised to be getting such a great balance.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  Foursquare, like Appleton Estate simply do not make bad rum.  An average Foursquare rum, by their high standards will eclipse the best of most rum producers efforts.  By a mile.

Doorly's 8 Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

Sipping the Doorly’s 8 offers few surprises.  Which on this occasion is no bad thing!

Everything that is promised on the nose is delivered when sipped.  Nice oak notes and spicy sweet/sour bourbon mash. You also get sweet fruity notes – a little grape and some coconut.  A slight caramel sweetness as well, a just a touch of toffee.

It perhaps lacks the little extra bite and complexity some of the older Foursquare offerings have.  Pound for pound its probably a Foursquare rum I would pass on buying again.  Not because it is anyway a bad or sub standard rum but their older expressions are better and only a few pounds more. 

Foursquare have also produced so many better rums over the last couple of years that this one seems a little bit well – ordinary.  The added variation their recent limited edition Port and Zinfandel Cask Finishes just give you something else to explore and savour.

In terms of me receiving this rum its probably just bad timing.  I’ve been spoilt over the past couple of years with some truly exceptional rums from Foursquare.  This is very good but I just can’t get all that excited about it.  I blame Richard for spoiling us!

If I could pick this up a little cheaper I’d probably buy a few bottles as it is still a really good rum. As it stands I’ll probably buy up some more 2004 and the Port and Zinfandel cask rums instead.  Oh and the new 46% ABV R L Seale’s.



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7 comments on “Doorly’s Fine Old Barbados Rum Aged 8 Years

  1. I swear by your reviews however I think this is my personal favorite rum at present time and even more than the 12 year. Being in NJ, USA I haven’t been able to try the Criterion or Port Cask offerings to date, however I am blessed to be able to get this for $19.00 and the 12 yr for $25.00. This one is quite woody and bourbony, without the wine effect of the XO or 12, which is something I really enjoy in my rums. While it is much like the 5 year old I find this rum to have less burn and more flavor overall than the 5. On a separate note I agree with most of your reviews and love all of the Foursquare rums I have tried. I love Pampero A.R.E., and Pusser’s blue label… I just can’t quite get behind the 5 star review on Barbancourt 8 yr. I do think it’s a nice natural rum taste to try between more complex rums tho. Thx for all ur info- Bob

    • No worries boss. I’m all for people speaking their mind and giving good reasons for their opinion!

  2. It’s a good 8 year old Bajan Rum. Sadly the Port finish Foursquare is now sold out of stock in the UK. There is still some of the Zinfandel and Cask Strength 2004 available. I am looking forward to whatever the next Exceptional Cask Bottlings will be. Tell me more about the Seale’s 46!

    • They have re-bottled it at 46% you should be able to get some in stock. Let me know when you do

      • I will find out more!

      • I should have stock of the 46% bottling Wednesday next week.

  3. “I blame Richard for spoiling us!”

    He is an evil man, indeed. 🙂

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