Admiral Rodney Extra Old St Lucia Rum

Admiral Rodney St Lucia RumThe first rum I tried which wasn’t from a supermarket was a bottle of Chairman’s Reserve.  Chairman’s Reserve is from St Lucia Distillers, as is this rum.  The rum is “ACR” (Authentic Caribbean Rum) which is a accreditation system drawn up to identify a]Authentic Caribbean Rum.  There is also a petition ongoing to save Authentic Caribbean Rum.  Historically, Admiral Rodney is much the same as Captain Morgan (no not the actual rum).  Admiral Rodney was the military governor of St Lucia after the British seized the island back from France in 1762.

Buying this rum in the UK will set you back around £45 so you need to make sure you like this type of rum before buying.  That’s a lot of money to be sat with something you don’t like and to expensive to just guzzle down like a drunken sailor.  I don’t know the price in the US of A because……..I don’t think you fella’s can get it unless you vacation in St Lucia.

Admiral Rodney comes housed in a sturdy cardboard presentation box.  The bottle itself is a decanter style bottle.  It has a huge wood and cork stopper.  The presentation really is excellent. The rum looks expensive and anyone visiting will be drawn to THAT bottle and want to try some.  There is no ageing statement on the bottle.  Looking online I have learnt that the rum in this blend is up to 12 years old.  So its pretty good aged stuff.

Upon pouring out, the rum is  a rich amber colour, it is quite thick and viscous, the legs flow slowly down the sides of the glass when swirled.  Nosing the rum reveals a sweet brown sugar, caramel and molasses.  Notes of banana and a little tropical fruit.  The rum is sweet yet light not overpowering.  It isn’t a navy type rum.  They haven’t laced it with caramel like so many of the more nautically themed “English” rum’s (Skipper, Lambs etc).

Sipping the rum is pretty smooth.  There is an alcohol burn but if anything the burn gives the rum a little more character.  It adds a little spice like kick, maybe a little black pepper to the finish.  It adds a little oakiness to the mix.  The rum (like many ACR rums) has clearly not been adulterated.  Any flavours come as a result of ageing.  When sipped an ice-cube brings out more of the fruit flavours.  Banana and a little black grape, hints of vanilla contribute to the overall smoothness of the rum.  The finish is long and very pleasant.  There is bitterness but it gradually fades and the fruit flavours lucia distillers

This is primarily a sipping rum.  It’s presentation in what amounts to a decanter demands that it be enjoyed slowly and that it be showed off to friends.  Presentation wise it has similarities to Angostura 1919 (another ACR rum).  Taste wise it the Admiral would easily blow that ship out of the water.

I’m still going to add some cola to the rum.  It makes a lovely rum and cola with a few ice cubes and only a small amount of cola.  The fruitiness combines with the cola beautifully and the oakiness also adds something to the drink.

So far I have yet to be disappointed with any of the offerings from St Lucia Distillers. These rums are similar in many ways to the rum’s of Barbados.  In terms of style I’ll probably always rank these as Bajan (even if they aren’t).

4 stars





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3 comments on “Admiral Rodney Extra Old St Lucia Rum

  1. The bottle I had must have been so old, that when I pulled the stopper, it snapped off in my hand and had to push the cork into the bottle, then I had to drain another bottle which was fun, so I could transfer the juice.
    I love this stuff, I would par it on the level of Foursquare’s Rum 66 in terms of smoothness and a distinctive flavour profile, although they taste very different to each other.
    Would drink more of it if it wasn’t so expensive for a 40%er.

  2. Acquired a bottle of this as a present for my wife.
    Came highly recommended by my wine merchant, and was the last bottle on the shelf.
    Having read the review I can’t wait to try it.

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