Cane Island Dominican Republic Aged 5 Years

CANE ISLAND DOMINICAN REPUBLIC RUM AGED 5 Years rum review by the fat rum pirateCane Island Dominican Republic Aged 5 Years is the final review in the recently released trio of rums from Cane Island.

As mentioned previously Cane Island are a new Independent bottler – at the moment their rums are only available from shops in Amsterdam.  Luckily most of these stores deliver to the UK so I didn’t miss out on trying these rums.

For me when it comes to Independent bottlings it seems that Demerara, Caroni (Trinidad) and Jamaican rums are the most popular offerings.  There are perhaps a few reasons for this – DDL do not release many rums that do not have additives – a gap in the market which Velier expertly exploited which heightened peoples awareness of Demerara rum without additives.  Velier were also in the favourable position of being able to have their rums aged in Guyana – unlike the rest of the competition.

Even said European aged Demerara is still very popular.  The myth that is built around the Caroni distillery and their “heavy” style rums ensures their enduring popularity.  Jamaican rum is popular because Appleton apart none of the Jamaican rum distilleries release many aged products.  So if you want aged Hampden or Long Pond rums you must buy independently.  The likes of Monymusk and Worthy Park are moving into the aged market.

So this makes a couple of Cane Island’s releases a little more interesting.  Especially this one.  Rums from the Dominican Republic are very popular especially in Spain.  Brands such as Brugal, Bermudez and Barceló are well known and well recognised.  Oliver & Oliver also have numerous bottlings available in numerous guises.

Very few indie bottlers have put out any Dominican rum.  This rum is aged for 5 years and has been column distilled at “Alcoholes Finos Dominicanos” the distillery location noted on the bottle is “San Pedro de Macoris”.  Which is the distillery which produces the Ron Barceló brand amongst others.

The rum from the Dominican Republic is produced in the “latin” style additives and adulteration take many different forms and information is hard to come by.  The hydrometer reveals 12g/L of “additives” in this rum.  It is likely this rum will be a light, approachable and sweet rum.

A 70cl bottle will cost around 40 euros – again slightly more expensive than the branded equivalent.   It should be noted though that the likes of Brugal. Barceló and Bermudez do not note ages of their rums..

The rum is noted as being column distilled and aged in American Oak (Bourbon) barrels.  No details of any “finish” or second maturation are noted.

In the glass the rum is a little dull – its not a particularly vibrant colour, it looks a little washed out.  It’s an ungolden brown.

The nose is not overly impressive either.  It’s quite muted and I’m not getting a great deal from it.  There is a slight sweetness to it.  It smells a little Cuban.  It’s very light and easy going.  There is nothing offensive about it but at the same time nothing exciting either. It has a slightly floral note lurking in the background.

When sipped it initially is quite “boozy”.  It’s youthful and the alcohol really comes out.  Further sips reveal more of the sweetness hinted at on the nose.  It’s a very familiar rum – it reminds me of Botran or a younger Panama rum.  It is not as sweet and as layered with chocolate notes, like Barceló Imperial nor is it is a dry and briny as Brugal.

Although the nose and appearance were a little disappointing its not an unpleasant experience sipping this rum.  At 5 years old it still has some of the youthful alcohol notes.  I enjoy these as they make it more “rummy”.  This make it less generic than some of the lighter column distilled rums from this part of the world.

It’s not massively sweet and is quite dry (especially on the finish).  It also has some nice spicy oak. A good deal of interaction with the barrel giving it some sweet/sour notes.

It’s a light latin style rum but its not afraid to show its teeth.  I wouldn’t call it particularly meaty or complex but it does have a bit of a twist and an extra dimension.  It’s easy to drink but it does give you a little bit of a kick.

All in all much better than I had imagined.



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