Cachaca Barao Dourado Amendoim

Cachaca Barao Dourado Amendoim Review by the fat rum pirateCachaca Barao Dourado Amendoim. I think Barao Dourado roughly translates into English as the Golden Baron but don’t quote me on that. Feel free to verify if you know otherwise.

Cachaca has been produced at Barao Dourado Farm for over 200 years. The farm is situated in Santa Maria Madelana, Rio de Janeiro.

This Cachaca has once again been produced on Copper Pot Stills. The total age of this Cachaca is 2 years however I have information which suggests that it has been stored in stainless steel vats and transferred to Amendoim casks for at least 6 months. It is said that Amendoim is the perfect wood type for the storage of classic white cachaça, the subtle notes of the wood hardly changes the flavour profile or the colour.

Cachaca Barao Dourado Amendoim is bottled at 40% ABV and is available in a more familiar 700ml bottle unlike many Cachaca’s. It is also available in 250, 160 and 50ml bottles.  The presentation is clear and uncluttered – but a bit basic and appears a little “cheap”. So it may need upgrading should it wish to make an impact in the European/Western markets. However we know better than most here, that its not about the presentation.

Barao Dourado currently produce 5 Cachaca’s this is one of their “silver” Cachaca’s. This one has the benefit of some wood ageing but their Tradicional Silver Cachaca is “aged” in stainless steel vats. In Brazil a 700ml bottle of Cachaca Barao Dourado Amendoim will set you back around £13. If this did make it to Europe I would expect a retail price of £30.

In the glass Cachaca Barao Dourado Amendoim is a crystal clear liquid. I’m quite surprised the wood hasn’t had any impact on the colour, to be honest.

Nosing reveals a very creamy quite vanilla heavy nose. This is balanced by some more vegetal notes – a slight grassiness which has a slight soapiness to it. It is nicely balanced but slightly aggressive. You can tell this is a fairly young spirit. This may put a few off but I often prefer a little aggression in younger spirits. Further nosing reveals notes of lime and some banana leaf. Overall it has a nice balance to it and it is quite a pleasant Cachaca to nose.

Sipped I am surprised at how easy-going it is especially on the entry. At 40% ABV I was expecting a little more burn but it’s reasonably “smooth”. It’s quite mineral like in terms of flavour and not as sweet as I was expecting from the nosing. There is a slight note of citrus and some light grassy notes similar to a young Agricole. Further sips reveal more of the light vanilla ice cream that I got on the nose alongside some hints of coconut.

Cachaca Barao Dourado Amendoim Review by the fat rum pirateIt has a really good balance to it and is very pleasant to sip on. These young white Cachaca’s are reminding me of the Clairin from Haiti. I do however think that these are more elegant. I’m thinking Clairin as a Jamaican rum and Cachaca more as a Bajan rum. So whilst one is full on the other is more subtle with more balanced nuances.

This is a really pleasant almost entry-level white Cachaca. It’s not hugely complex as spirits go but it is has enough going on to make it a very pleasant sipper or aperitif. As a mixer it works well in a Caiprinha or with lemonade or soda. I didn’t mind it with cola but I don’t think I would recommend drinking it that way.

I am finding these younger white Cachacas to be very agreeable. Much like young white Agricole I am finding that they are all of a certain quality. It is worth noting at this stage that Cachaca allows only a small amount of sugar in its production 6g/L. Which if you have looked at the Hydrometer Tests page you will know that 0-5 g/L is dismissed as being from the cask extracts. So 6g/L even if added to the Cachaca is not a lot to be adding. For the record I tested this and it hit 40% so that is academic. I guess what I am saying is that as they aren’t permitted to muck around with the spirit you get a certain quality as a result – much like Jamaica, Barbados and Martinique

All in all this is another impressive Cachaca.







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