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Cachaca Santa Terezinha Canela Sassafraz

Cachaca Santa Terezinha Canela Sassafraz Review by the fat rum pirateCachaca Santa Terezinha Canela Sassafraz. Back on the cachaca today with another review from the Santa Terezinha brand. I previously reviewed their Arte release. Santa Terezinha hails from Espirito Santa and have producing cachaca since 1943.

I covered Santa Terezinha’s production methods in my last review. So I won’t repeat myself. I will however cover the make up of this particular cachaca. I have not come across a cachaca which has been aged in Canela Sassafraz before. Being perfectly honest ,I have little idea what this might be other than some kind of native Brasilian wood or woods. I have come across Sassafras Root before (both in the form of being an ingredient in Root Beer and by way of a Green Day song on the album Dookie). At this stage I am unsure if there is any link. So I best find out. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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