Rum Sixty Six Family Reserve

RUM 66 Foursquare Barbados Rum ReviewRum Sixty Six is a 12 year old Bajan Rum from Richard Seale’s Foursquare Distillery who also produce Doorlys amongst others.  The Foursquare distilleries rum are at the forefront of Bajan rum production and are respected and reviewed accordingly the world over.

Once again a discount led me to try this rum.  Not online or in a Supermarket but in a local wine merchant I have recently discovered.  If you are interested (and live in the North East of England) then here is the website  Please note the website shows only 4 rums but he does stock around 20.  As good a selection as I’ve found in a physical shop.  The rum was reduced to £30.99 (I’m such a sucker for a sale sticker I can’t even tell you what it was reduced from!).

As with all the Foursquare Distilleries rum’s the packaging is once again excellent and really stands out.  Setting it apart from other rum’s on the shelf.  It has a long flat style bottle similar to the re-styled Mount Gay only slightly taller and with a cork stopper.  The length of the bottle can make it slightly awkward to get it into a drinks cabinet.

As with most Bajan rums the rum is vibrant in colour an inviting golden orange colour.  The rum immediately makes you think of hot summer days and long cocktails.  The onus on this rum is that it is tropically aged and it was once only for the British element of the distilleries family.  It has nothing to do with Geoff Hurst I’m reliably informed.

The rum itself is full of big flavours raisin and tropical fruits and a little hint of vanilla.  On the rocks it offers a complex yet light sipping experience.  Its quite smooth, mixed with cola as I prefer it is excellent.  It makes for a brilliant long drink.  In fruit punches and cocktails I would imagine this would be excellent.  This along with Cockspur 12 is the best Bajan style rum I have tried.

As if the quality of the spirit and the superlative packaging weren’t enough the rum also has a sense of humour.  The facebook page is really quite hilarious.  Letters to David Cameron and George Osbourne really made me smile.

If only they were as good as politicians as Richard Seale is at producing rum!

5 stars






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5 comments on “Rum Sixty Six Family Reserve

  1. I bought a bottle of this because of your recurring praise and this review. I was a tiny little bit sceptical because of other reviews like the lone caners one, who wrote about thin mouth feel etc
    I bought a bottle of Appleton 12 and the Don Q 2009 Single Cask Rum, too. the rum sixty six is one I like most – perfectly balanced, indeed, with quite a lot of flavor coming from the destillate. I definitely go for a Foursquare Exceptional Cask with next month budget – perhaps a Premise or the 2005 Cask Strength.

    • Lance over at The Lone Caner isn’t the biggest fan of Foursquare rums.

  2. Noticed a cask strength now available – any thoughts

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