Rum of the Year 2021 – Winner

Rum of the Year 2021 - Winner rum review by the fat rum pirateRum of the Year 2021 – Winner. I published my shortlist a few days ago. A longer shortlist than usual but bizarrely down to me actually reviewing less rum this year! For an explanation then please read the Shortlist article.

Much like 2020 the year 2021 didn’t go quite as how many had planned. It was certainly much better than 2020 but unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing and peoples lives are still be disrupted.

I’ve been very fortunate in that I have not been affected financially during this world crisis so I’m not going to spend time complaining about what a horrific year it has been. I have had it considerably better than most. Something I should be thankful for. In fact if you are in still in good health – be thankful for that!

Anyway, despite not reviewing as many bottles of rum during 2021 I’ve still been left scratching my head over the final running order for the 7 rums selected as part of the shortlist.

In the end I’ve decided upon a final 3 to make up this article. There really isn’t much to split any of these rums at all and just getting a 5 star review, is an indication of just how good I found each rum.

So without further ado. In third place we have the brand which took last years gong…….

3 Black Tot Master Blender’s Reserve Rum 2021Black Tot Master Blender's Reserve Rum 2021 rum review by the fat rum pirate

Unless something went very badly wrong between this year and last year’s release – Master Blender Oliver Chilton was always going to produce another spectacular rum. This really didn’t disappoint and could easily have won the rum of the year award.

If you are looking to buy a bottle it is still readily available over as The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt. It does sound expensive for what is essentially a Navy blend but the proof is in the pudding and the rundown of the rums used in this blend more than justify the price tag.

2 Mezan Diamond Distillery Guyana 2007 PX Cask Finish

Had I known how good this rum was it could easily have been included in the 2020 rundown. However, whilst I had looked at this on more than one occasion, I hadn’t committed to the purchase.

In an inspired and completely unprompted choice my wife actually bought this for my birthday last year (January 2020). Hence it being included in this years award.

Mezan Diamond Distillery Guyana 2007 P.X. Cask Finish Rum review by the fat rum pirateThis is a truly fantastic Demerara Rum from the fabled Diamond Distillery. One of few Demerara rums that have been “partially” aged in Europe yet still can compete with even the best Velier Demerara.

Due to Mezan often being seen as more of a “budget” Independent bottler this more upmarket (in every way) offering is still available in small quantities online.

If you fancy a bottle then try Drink Finder who currently have it in stock at £110.

This is really excellent and certainly pushed the eventual winner all the way…….

Now this bottling was always going to be something special. It is after all the “older” brother of a bottling which has been held up for its quality (and rarity sadly) for a number of years now. It heralded the new era of co-bottlings between Caribbean Rum Producers and Italian Importers/Indie bottlers Velier.

That bottling of course was Foursquare Rum Distillery 2006, who would have thought that ageing that same batch of rum for a an extra few years would produce such a great rum?

Well the 6,000 people that bought this bottling up pretty much straight away. Along with those involved in the VSGB intiative (Velier Small Great Bottlings). As well as Master Distiller Richard Seale of Foursquare.

1 Sassafras Foursquare Rum DistilleryFoursquare Rum Distillery Sassafras Rum review by the fat rum pirate

Ideally, when I compile Rum of the Year – I like to award something which you can all go out and buy. Something which is available.

Sadly due to the “mania” surrounding Foursquare bottlings. Coupled with the growth of the Secondary Market in Rum, that has not been the case with this pick. I could in theory of picked a different bottling.

The reality is though. This is the best rum I tried in 2021. I was lucky to get the chance to taste and review it. If I had picked another bottling I wouldn’t have been picking my Rum of the Year. So there you go.

The crown of Rum of the Year returns to Foursquare Rum Distillery, Barbados.

Very well played.





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