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Rum Bar Rum Cream Review by the fat rum pirateRum-Bar Rum Cream from Worthy Park Estate, Jamaica.  Until recently only rums and spiced rums have featured for review on the site.

With Christmas upon us I figured, we may as well continue the festive theme of the Rumvent Calendar with a liqueur!

Whisky based liqueurs such as Baileys are very popular in the UK, especially in the run up to Christmas.  Most Supermarkets discount them and price-wars frequently break out. A more “premium” Deluxe Baileys was released recently believe it or not!

For whatever reason Rum Creams, so popular in Jamaica for example have failed to penetrate the UK market.  I can’t think of single Rum Cream which is readily available in the UK – Rum Chata perhaps.  Kahlua is about the only liqueur I can come up with that even has rum in it.

With Bailey’s being so dominant in the market it is perhaps unreasonable to expect UK based companies to seek out rum for their liqueurs when they have so much whisky on their doorstep.  Thankfully this Rum Cream is readily available in the UK from Tesco link here and from here.  Only downside is they are only 200ml unlike my 750ml bottle from Jamaica.

Rum-Bar Rum Cream made its UK debut at the UK Rumfest in October and completely sold out!  So what exactly is all the fuss about?

Rum-Bar Rum Cream is a mixture of 100% real cream, Rum-Bar rum (White Overproof) and some secret ingredients.  It is bottled at 15% ABV and it comes in a tall, brown almost opaque bottle.  The labelling is clear and uncluttered and it has the Rum-Bar logo prominently displayed.

Now this “review” may be a little different to my standard rum reviews.  I really don’t have much experience of any Rum Creams or liqueur’s.  So the score that stands today may change over time.

Rum Bar Rum Cream Review by the fat rum pirateRum-Bar Rum Cream has to be taken for what it is a sweet, relatively weak (unless you start drinking it by the pint glass) after dinner kind of drink.  This is not a premium rum.  For those familiar with Baileys or Irish Cream in general the appearance will not come as a surprise.  The rum cream has a thick consistency and is a light brown almost mocha like cream colour.

The nose is very sweet – full on brown sugar and some nice notes of Vanilla and fresh cream.  Despite being bottled at only 15% ABV you can still smell the rum in the nose.  The use of the Overproof gives the cream an extra layer of intensity – you can smell rum without a doubt.  If you are familiar with the Rum-Bar Overproof you will notice hints of its pungency being carried nicely along with the sweet caramel notes of the spices.

In the glass as well as being a “chocolate milk” like colour it is also very viscous – thick and creamy as a good rum cream should be.  The taste upfront is very much like sweet milkshake a kind of mix of vanilla and chocolate.  However, as you sample it more you notice the distinct notes of the Overproof – the slight vegetal notes and the more intense flavours – giving this Rum Cream a very authentic kick.

I’ve actually added some Rum-Bar Overproof to this Rum Cream on occasions but I like things to be very boozy!

There is a certain authenticity about the flavour of this rum cream.  It doesn’t taste at all artificial – the spices are subtle leaving a nice layered sweet yet punchy Rum Cream.RUMCREAMUPDATE

Easily the best Rum Liqueur/Cream I have tried so far in my admittedly very limited experience!  Top Stuff and well worth seeking out in time for Christmas.  This could easily get re-scored higher once I have sampled more of the competition.

AND just to make things even better, they are updating the presentation soon to something a little like this.

4 stars






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