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Mezan Jamaica XO Rum Review by the Fat Rum PirateMezan are an independent bottler from the UK.  They have featured quite regularly on this site and this is the second Jamaica Rum from Mezan we have reviewed.

Mezan Jamaica XO is, unlike all the other Mezan rums a blend rather than a Single Barrel/Cask offering.  Not only is it a blend of rums it is also a blend of rums from different distilleries.

The Jamaican rums in this blend come from at least two very well respected distilleries.  Monymusk and Hampden Estate.  Both companies do well in the domestic market but their reach outside of Jamaica is mainly through bulk rum sales to be used in blends.  Both currently have rums available in the UK.  Hampden Gold and Rum Fire from Hampden Estate and Monymusk have a Gold Rum on offer.  Neither can match the reach or popularity of Appleton Estate. Jamaican rum is produced in such a traditional and well-regulated manner, not too mention the wonderful tropical climate that these producers would have to be doing something truly awful to be producing a bad rum.

Mezan have been producing this rum blend for some years now and this is Lot No 23030 – this Lot or Batch consists of 5000 bottles.  It states on the rear bottle that the rum is double matured so once it is blended it is re-casked until it is selected to be bottled.

The rum comes in the classic medium to dumpy sized Mezan bottle with the minimalstic White label. There is a little emblem on each bottle and this rum’s is black with gold lettering.  A 70cl bottle will set you back around £30 and it is bottled at 40% ABV.

First up as you can see from the photo above this Mezan is a lot clearer in the glass than the bottle.  It is almost straw like in colour and once again Mezan assure us on the label that it has not been coloured or sweetened in anyway.

The nose on this rum is full of Dunder and Jamaican Pot Still “funk”.  For those un accustomed to such rums this may not immediately appeal.  For those, like myself who know how well such rums work in mixed drinks and as occasional sippers it will be a Mezan Jamaica XO rum review by the fat rum piratewelcome and familiar aroma.

It has some quite strong alcohol notes yet a quite surprising note of vanilla.  I can detect some oak and woody notes, quite a lot of spice.  All in all its really quite complex.  Some nice tropical fruit notes and a even a hint of toffee/caramel.

Sipped it is pretty smooth initially with some considerable heat coming through on the palate which gives way quickly to a pretty short finish.

At least that is what the first sip gives you.  It’s worth persisting beyond one glass with this rum.  It’s almost as if your palate needs to open up to it.  The second glass is so much better.  You get more of the notes that were in the nose.  Despite being quite high in esters and some “funk” it has a beautiful balance which younger Jamaican rums do not have.  It’s similar in many ways to Hampden Gold for example yet it also shares some of the qualities of more aged Appleton Estate rums.  The finish is still pretty short but as a Jamaican sipper its not bad at the price.

Those familiar with my reviews know that very few rums aren’t drowned by some cola at some point (I could probably reduce some people to tears with what I have mixed with cola in my time).  For me like those rich fruity Demerara’s, Jamaican rum is often absolutely fantastic when used as a mixer.

The Mezan Jamaica XO certainly doesn’t disappoint as a mixer.  Nor should it at £30.  It definitely gives you a premium rum and cola.  The rich deep fruity flavours and funk come shining through giving you a very enjoyable and full flavoured drink.  Couple of ice cubes and a squeeze of lime and you have a long drink which would take some matching.  It’s surprisingly smooth and luxurious yet quite fiery all at the same time!

A very fine example of a Jamaican rum blend.

4 stars










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