Golden Rum Barrel Awards – Winners 2016

The Golden Rum Barrel Awards are a celebration of 10 years of the London UKGolden Rum Barrel Awards 2016 by the fat rum pirate Rumfest, ran by Global Rum Ambassador Ian A V Burrell.

The Golden Rum Barrel Awards celebrated the stars of the rum industry with a 3 course rum dinner at the Kensington Crowne Plaza Hotel last night (23rd October 2016

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We were nominated in the category of Best UK Rum Website.  Unfortunately it wasn’t our year with the judges.  Below is a list of all the winners from last night.


1. Most influential Rum Blender over the last 10 years
Joy Spence (Appleton Estate, Jamaica)
2. Distillery Ambassador over past 10 years

John Georges (Angostura Rums, Trinidad)
3. Most influential Rum bar in the UK over past 10 years
Trailer Happiness (London)trailerhappiness

4. International Rum Brand Ambassador 2016
Alexx Mouzouris (Don Q Rum)

5. UK Rum Brand Ambassador 2016

George Frost (Duppy Share)

6. Rum Bar Team of the year 2016
Mahiki, London

7. Best UK Rum Web Site 2016

8. Best New Rum Brand in the UK 2016
Foursquare Rum Distillery 11 year Zinfandel Cask

luca9. Rum Influencer of the Year 2016
Luca Ruruki Gargano (Velier Rums, and Ambassador of Pure rums)

10. Rum Menu of the Year 2016
Cubana Tapas Bar Sheffield (Sheffield)




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One comment on “Golden Rum Barrel Awards – Winners 2016

  1. Hooray for Foursquare though I’ve not had that one.

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