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Skipper Rum Demerara Review Guyana

The best rum in this world” proclaims the 30′s style label.  Finest Old Demerara from Guyana.  This is a blend of 7 dark rums aged in Guyana for at least 3 years.  According to the bottle this is a naval style rum.  This rum (and seemingly the bottle) has been produced since 1930.

I bought this rum on a trip to Sainsburys.  It had  couple of quid off so was £18 rather than £20.  To be honest the bottle is a little uninspiring, which is why I had previously overlooked it.  It’s a standard entry-level metallic screw top bar bottle.  The labelling is a little kitsch but I don’t really think it will be doing its sales much good. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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