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Abelha Organic Silver Cachaca

Abelha Organic Silver Cachaca rum review by the fat rum pirateAbelha Organic Silver Cachaca Despite attempts by some of the biggest players in the Drinks Industry cachaca remains very much a domestic product. There are thousands of cachaca brands available in Brasil. Only a very small portion of those brands even see the light of day outside Brasil.

There are a few brands which are available in Europe but they are often brands that are not available in Brasil. In recent years we have seen achaca available from the likes of Avua, Yaguara and Novo Fogo. Products geared up for a European and US audience. By geared up I mean they are put in sleek elegant bottles. Given a more “Premium” appearance than some of the cachaca you will find in Brasil. I’m sure you will have noticed just how rustic some of the cachaca I have reviewed over the past couple of years is, in terms of appearance. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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