Cassario Gold Rum Reserva Siete Aged 7 Years

Cassario Gold Rum Reserve Siete Aged 7 Years rum review by the fat rum pirateCassario Gold Rum Reserva Siete Aged 7 Years. Most websites probably wouldn’t bother reviewing rum from a Supermarket. However, “budget” retailers LIDL and ALDI do tend to go beyond the usual White, Dark and Spiced offerings and give the consumer something a little more interesting. If not necessarily ground breaking.

I’m not one of the Rum Enthusiasts that turns my nose up at things based on price. Sure, I’ve probably learnt enough over the years, not to expect too much from rum on a budget. I do however, still think there is enjoyment to be had from a cheap mixer and a bottle or two of cola.

Cassario Gold Rum Reserva Siete Aged 7 Years is just one of the rums in the Cassario range now available from budget supermarket ALDI. They do often get some “new” brands of rum but most are labelled as being bottled exclusively for them, with no identity regarding the bottler or distillery. This bottling has thrown me slightly as it is noted as being produced by our old friends, Huyton’s finest Halewood International. They are responsible for all those horrendous flavoured Dead Man’s Fingers and JJ Whitley Gins you see on almost every Supermarket shelf nowadays. They’ve also made a bit of a pigs ear of their Rum Sixty Six range – probably not in terms of overall sales but certainly in terms of credibility.

So this makes me wonder what else Halewood are pumping into our local ALDI? Already the Cassario brand has a Pineapple and a Strawberry Mojito (??) flavoured rum on sale……..I dare say I probably shouldn’t be encouraging this nonsense.

Never mind, its often been remarked why I review certain rums etc. I could quite easily go all “high end” and only review the expensive stuff but I feel a duty almost to review pretty much anything I come across.

Cassario Gold Rum Reserva Siete Aged 7 Years hails from Costa Rica. Mostly known for the Centenario brand, Costa Rica has more of a stake in the rum world than many realise. Certain “Colombian” brands of rum are known to have rum from Costa Rica as their main component.

The rum as been aged for 7 years – I assume in Costa Rica, in ex-bourbon barrels. There are no gimmicks or anything different/quirky about the juice it would seem. It’s sweetened slightly and hits the Hydrometer at 39% ABV. So around 8 g/L of additives. Nothing excessive but at the same time they probably could have done without it all the same. The quoted ABV on the bottle is a healthy 40%, which considering this costs £17.99 for a 70cl bottle is pretty respectable. The distillery is not noted but the distiller (who’s name I cannot make out) is. Answers on a Postcard for that one please. John (?) something or other……..

Cassario Gold Rum Reserva Siete Aged 7 Years rum review by the fat rum piratePresentation wise the red Cassario “emblem” on the front label looks a bit cheap and the rest of the bottle particularly the “Rare Gold Rum” part reminds me of Bacardi 8 Year Old. I fancy, like they and LIDL have done with their Kraken knock offs that they are looking for a piece of that market.

I’m sure undercutting Bacardi by almost half price will get them a few curious consumers. The question is will they return? Will a 7 Year Old rum from Costa Rica compete with one of Bacardi’s flagship bottles?

Only one way to find out I guess.

In the glass we are presented with a “classic” Gold Rum. Medium Brown in colour with orange and yellow tinges.

On the nose its unremarkable but not unpleasant. Vanilla, some light oak spices and a touch of orange blossom. It has a sweet overlay of Toffee and Caramel. Bit of coconut as well. Actually quite a lot of coconut the more you nose.

The nose is actually quite nice – its not “big” or “complex” but its perfectly pleasant. It may be a bit plain but it’s not offensive. It’s not been laced with so many additives it just tastes of sugary water. It’s rum albeit it a light approachable, inoffensive column still rum.

Sipped it’s quite sweet – lots of vanilla and coconut. There is a light touch of oak spices but there isn’t really much burn with this rum. I do fancy it may have some glycerol/glycerin to help smooth it out a little. It has a bit of a slightly artificial toffee note as well. Tastes a bit like a chocolate covered Highland Toffee bar (the Internet is your friend for that if you aren’t from the UK).

In terms of the mid palate – you just get a nice warming hit of vanilla and toffee. Some light oak but nothing too heavy. The finish is a touch longer and “warmer” than I was expecting but it’s nothing overly exciting. It fades out gently and this can be consumed quite quickly. It’s very easy drinking.

Whilst it is little more than an average sip, it doesn’t do a great de

Cassario Gold Rum Reserva Siete Aged 7 Years rum review by the fat rum pirate

al when mixed. In all honesty it’s probably better taken as a sipper. It’s okay in a rum and cola but it doesn’t pull up any trees and reminds me a fair bit of Kane’s or Bacardi’s Anejo Cuatro.

I can’t say that it will be a rum which is in regular rotation on this Pirates ship but its not really a bad drop. I’m just a bit past this type of rum. It’s a good step up from Spiced Rum and probably won’t offend those with little experience of “straight” rum.

It’s above average overall but its not particularly memorable or exciting.

Still you could do a lot worse in the Supermarket………









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