Cane Island Barbados Rum Aged 8 Years

Cane Island Rum Barbados 8 Years Old rum review by the fat rum piratCane Island are a relative newcomer to the market.  Last year they released a range of aged rums from Cuba, Barbados and Jamaica.  These were blends of rums from two different distilleries from each location.

This year they have followed those releases up with three more rums.  This time though they are all given definitive age statements on the bottles.  The rums hail from Barbados, Dominican Republic and Trinidad.

As well as age disclosure they also give details of which distillery each rum is made at.  You also get information on the method of production pot or column/blended rum.

These rums are currently only available in mainland Europe.  Well actually mainly just the Netherlands – Amsterdam in particular  This bottling is an eight year old rum from Foursquare Distillery. Bottled at a respectable 43% ABV.  There are no details about out turn in terms of numbers of bottles/casks.  So my guess is that they have a reasonably large run/number of casks.  Usually when an Independent bottler releases a rum which is from just one cask they let you know.  As it gives the rum a USP.  The rum retails at around the 45 Euro mark.  I’d imagine if this rum was released in the UK it would likely retail at around the same price in pounds once taxes and duty are taken into account.

Which when you consider you can get nearly all the Foursquare range for £35 or less, is something to consider if you are thinking of buying this bottling.

Cane Island Rum are owned by Infinity Spirits from what I can see they are currently the spirit groups only brand.  The Cane Island website is nicely laid out and gives most of the key information you would require regarding the rums.  It is refreshingly clear of any marketing bullshit.

I like the design of the Cane Island range and the releases all have a very clear brand identity.  The stubby bottle I like and the design is uncluttered and the front label has pertinent information regarding what is in the bottle.  A cork stopper completes the look.

So lets move onto the rum.  The website notes that this is a bleCane Island Barbados 8 Years Old rum review by the fat rum piratend of pot/column rum that has been matured in ex-bourbon barrels.  I am not sure how much time this has spent maturing in the Tropics or Europe in total.  The colour of the rum gives few clues as it is a standard caramel coloured golden brown.

The nose is familiar (I must have reviewed over 20 aged Foursquare rums by now) straight away I am getting the spices and the sweet/sour bourbon tones from the casks.  It’s quite a strong nose and I am getting a fair bit of alcohol as well.  It’s not unbalanced or unpleasant in anyway but it does have a slight sharpness.

It is pretty heavy on the Bourbons spices and its quite dry.  There isn’t a great deal of sweetness.  I am getting more of a vanilla sweet note rather than any toffee or caramel.  It isn’t as dry as R L Seales 10 but it is noticeably less fruity than Rum Sixty Six or Doorly’s XO.  It is pretty much in keeping with Doorly’s 8 but I think it may be a touch spicier.  Maybe a little more of an edge to it.

There may be a slight char or maybe just a bit more of a barrel influence on this rum than some other Foursquare offerings I have had.  It reminds me most of Doorly’s 12.

It has a very slight herbal note to it.  The finish is good and of reasonable length.  It has a nice spicy oaky char.  The finish and the mouthfeel of the rum are nowhere near as “boozy” as I first detected on the nose.  

All in all this is yet another high quality, well balanced and well made rum from Foursquare.  Comparable to their own releases.  Yet another example of how good rum can be when it is not being messed around with.

Well worth seeking out if you need more Foursquare……..Can you ever have enough?







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  1. Saw this rum in some Dutch webshop before. Good to find a review of it!

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