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Cachaca Prosa Mineira Tradicional Rum Review by the fat rum pirateCachaca Prosa Mineira Tradicional. As I enter the website for Prosa Mineira I am informed that it is “The most awarded from Minas Gerais”. Now Minas Gerais is widely regarded as the “birthplace” of cachaca. For many it is the best region of Brasil to find cachaca.

So its quite a statement to make. Or is it? Is a brand really recognised by the number of awards it wins. I know of one reasonably well known rum brand that proclaims itself as the “Most Awarded Rum Brand in 2018/19”.

The thing is that these awards are largely pay to play competitions, where entries are invited. I can’t think of one competition that hand picks entries in a sense that they don’t have to pay or at least put themselves forward for the award.

So yes you can win the most awards but as so many competitions give out awards to virtually all participants, is it really an indication of quality to a consumer?

Of course its not and people should do well to research more. I certainly would not recommend to anyone buying anything based on shiny gold medals and awards displayed on bottles.

Anyway, I digress!

Cachaca Prosa Mineira Tradicional is part of a line up of cachaca’s that began in 2010. The branding used is quite “old fashioned” and I had assumed the cachaca Cachaca Prosa Mineira Tradicional Rum Review by the fat rum piratehas been around for some time. Luckily for me as the brand is quite “new” they have a nice shiny website. Which has been useful for researching this review.

Production of Cachaca Prosa Mineira takes place in the city of Santa Rita de Caldas, which is in Southern Minas Gerais some 456km from the state capital Belo Horizonte. Which if I recall correctly hosted some matches at the 2014 World Cup. I’m sure England played a game there.

The sugar cane used to produced Cachaca Prosa Mineira is cultivated one site and is harvested and then grinded/cut within 24 hours. The sugar cane juice is then fermented using only natural yeasts for 24 hours.

The resulting “high wine” is then distilled in a Copper Pot Still. Everything is done by hand no chemicals are used during any part of the process.

Cachaca Prosa Mineira Tradicional is then rested for one year in stainless steel barrels. It is not aged in woCachaca Prosa Mineira Tradicional Rum Review by the fat rum pirateod at all. It is available in 50ml, 160ml, 250ml, 500ml and 700ml bottle sizes.

When researching the brand online I have struggled to find the cachaca at 39% ABV. it is definitely the Cachaca Prosa Mineira Tradicional that I am reviewing. I have an “official” miniature from the distillery, rather than a sample from a larger bottle. It is noted on the website that this cachaca is 42% ABV. However, my miniature is 39% ABV. Running the Hydrometer Test shows my sample is indeed 39% ABV.

Puzzling but we’ll press on and do the review!

Cachaca Prosa Mineira Tradicional presents itself as entirely clear spirit. Which is to be expected as it has not been aged in wood. Steel does not impart colour. Unless something rusts I guess…….

The nose is quite vegetal with a lot of sugar cane aromas. There is a slightly sour fruity note as well- gooseberries and some tart raspberry. There is spiciness as well an aromatic, perfumed spice which is undercut slightly by a buttery note of shortbread and a touch of banana bread.

It’s quite a light nose in terms of alcohol but its not in terms of aromas and complexity. It’s a really nice cachaca for nosing.

Taking as sipper it is initially quite “mineral” like, its very easy going and remarkably smooth for an unaged spirit. It’s easy drinking unaged cachaca. It’s not hugely complex but what is there is pleasant.

It is less vegetal than the nose suggests and is definitely on the lighter side (even for cachaca). There’s a nice zesty note to it – of lemon/lime which adds a bit of “oomph” to things and keeps it interesting.

The finish and the mid palate aren’t particularly long but the Cachaca Prosa Mineira Cachaca Prosa Mineira Tradicional Rum Review by the fat rum pirateTradicional doe fade out nicely with a spicy kick and some more mineral like qualities.

As a mixer it works as a good unaged cachaca should. It works nicely with the likes of a Caiprinha or a Ti Punch. It goes nicely with more simple cocktails and less “lighter” cocktails.

I think I might have enjoyed the 42% ABV version of this cachaca a little more but this is still a more than satisfactory unaged cachaca. The balance and harmony of the flavours shows that the “resting” in stainless steels vats works.

All in all a good cachaca but perhaps nothing too exciting.




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