Cachaca Caracuipe Prata

Cachaca Caracuipe Prata Rum Review by the fat rum pirateCachaca Caracuipe Prata. Engenho (which can be translated from Portuguese to either mean Mill or Sugar Plantation in this context) Caracuipe has been producing artisanal cachaca since 1933.

Originally owned by brothers Antonio and Bendito Coutinho it is now under the ownership of Antonio’s grandson – Renato.

The distillery is situated in Campo Alegre, Alagoas. They produce cachaca in traditional Copper Pot Stills. Cachaca Caracuipe Prata is produced from manually harvested sugar cane, which is crushed within 24 hours of harvesting.

Cachaca Caracuipe Prata is matured in neutral wooden vats (Jequitiba Rosa) for 6 months following distillation. It is bottled at 40% ABV. You can buy this cachaca direct from the companies own website for R$50.

Presentation wise the rounded stubby bottle and the wooden topped cork closure are pretty modern and the labelling and general style would work well in the European and US market. I am not aware of them having any presence overseas though.

Engenho Caracuipe have won numerous awards for this particular cachaca and the others in their range. This cachaca can often be bought alongside Caracuipe’s Ouro cachaca in 375ml half size bottles. This retail at around the same price as a standard bottle.

As noted already the distillery has its own website which is quite informative and translates Cachaca Caracuipe Prata Rum Review by the fat rum piratewell into English. As well as the Caracuipe brand the group also has the Escorrega brand of cachaca. From reading up about Engenho Caracuipe it appears that the distilllery has helped elevate the state of Alagoas as cachaca producing state recognised for the quality of it’s cachaca. I’ve also noticed that Cahaca Caracuipe Prata has won numerous awards over the past few years.

So with that in mind I think we will take a look at this cachaca and see if all the hype is worth it…..

Crystal clear in the glass as is to be expected. The 6 months ageing in Jequitiba Rosa has not added any colour to the spirit. I would expect such a colour only usually from an unaged rum or cachaca. Which shows how neutral Jequitiba Rosa is.

The nose is quite grassy and smoky. It smells quite clean. It has a zestiness about it as well – Lime juice, some traces white pepper and a hint of ginger. Cachaca Caracuipe Prata is fairly simple and straightforward. The nose carries a fair amount of flavour but it is not hugely complicated.

Sipped, its more neutral in taste than the nose would suggest. Nowhere near as grassy. It’s really easy as a sipper – surprisingly so for its youth. It has a really nice lemon note to it, alongside the smokiness. Again its really clean and fresh tasting. A really nice palate cleanser. It’s a very approachable and easy going cachaca. What it lacks in complexity it makes up for in terms of balance. It delivers a particular taste profile without overcomplicating itself.

In terms of a mid palate their isn’t really a lot of difference between it and the initial entry. It’s refreshing and slightly warming on the palate. The flavour isn’t enormous but the citrus works nicely with the hints of sugar cane that float in and out of the mix.Cachaca Caracuipe Prata Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

The finish on this is really short and just disappears. It’s not a big fiery cachaça. You get a little bit of smoke and a slight note of ginger but it doesn’t last long. It’s a spirit you will sip often rather than savour for a long period.

As a mixer it works really well. It’s not perhaps the most exciting cachaça but it has a nice balance to it. Perhaps a touch on the light side. It does what its meant to do. It doesn’t pull up any trees but its perfectly acceptable.

Cachaca Caracuipe Prata won’t overwhelm and drink it is mixed with but it’s clean and fresh tasting. It’s nicely balanced but not overly exciting.



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