Bristol Classic Rum Port Morant 1999 (bottled 2015)

Bristol Port Mortant 1999 rum review by the fat rum pirateUp for review is a Port Morant rum from the Diamond Distillery by Bristol Classic Rum.

Bristol Classic Rum have over the years released a number of editions of Port Mo(u)rant rums.  All releases seemed to stem from a stock of rum dating from 1990 and 1999.

To date I have reviewed a number of Bristol’s rums and those have included two Port Mo(u)rants from the 1990 stock.  To even things up I have also acquired some of the 1999 stock.

This rum bottled in 2015 was very much a blink and you’ll miss it affair.  I have spoken with John Barrett of Bristol Classic Rum and he has confirmed that all the 1999 stock of this rum has now been released.

Often Bristol’s releases of Port Mo(u)rant rum have had Port or Sherry cask finish.  This goes for a more straight forward approach.  It has spent its 15 plus years ageing in American Oak (bourbon barrels/casks).

At the time of release a bottle of this rum would set you back a very reasonable £55-60 for 70cl of 46% ABV rum.  The presentation is classic Bristol and the colour scheme of red and black in keeping with their other Port Morant releases.  You get the usual cylinder to store the rum and a very nice real foil covered cork stopper.

I have enjoyed the Port Morant 1990 from Bristol.  I have quite high expectations of this vintage as well.

In the glass it is very interesting to see just how light the rum is.  It is straw coloured.  Similar to similarly aged Guyanese rum from Mezan.  Much lighter than the Port and Sherry finished Port Morants I have tried previously.

1999 demerara bristolWhich to be fair was one of the reasons why I was so keen to try this rum.  It has no specific finish and will just rely on the extensive European ageing down in sunny Bristol.

The nose is familiar.  Anise and an almost herbal note are immediate.  What is less apparent on the first few nosings is the more delicate notes.  The American Oak really has had a considerable affect on the rum.  Lighter vanilla and honey notes are also present.  Nice balanced smoky notes.  The nose is more balanced, slightly less intense than the 1990 port finished rums I have tried previously.

Sipping – the rum even at 46% ABV is very spicy and quite heated.  The anise note comes to the fore – this is then followed by a lot of spicy oak notes. There is quite a lot of fruit on the palate.  Dry, acidic almost white wine like notes and a definite bitter kick going into the finish from the distinctive Port Morant still – bitter liquorice and aniseed.

It is a full flavoured, quite hard hitting rum yet it has some of the rough edges rounded off slightly by the less dominant notes.  The honey and vanilla flavour subdue the spice of the oak going into the finish.  The finish is long and satisfying – nice aniseed and wood.

I think this particular rum may have been slightly over cooked however.  Some of the oak notes make it a little too dry and take away some of the fruitiness.  That is just personal preference though.

In short if you wish to try an authentic Port Morant and you prefer drier spirits this won’t disappoint.  It is also about the cheapest way you will experience such a rum – if you can track down a bottle.

4 stars





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