Maraska Room

MaraskaRoomNo your eyes do not deceive you.  Along with the outdated Caribbean stereotype so loved by my European cousins we have here a Room rather than a Rum.  From Maraska.

When many folk consider a cruise no doubt they look forward to seeing numerous Caribbean Islands and outposts.  Happy in the knowledge that they will be able to try a smorgasbord of fine high quality rums.  It is a rum lover’s dream indeed.

However a cruise which comprises of the likes of Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro does not dream up the same visions.  Nevertheless, I thought I would have a little peruse around the worldwide web and see what the Eastern Europeans do when they fancy a rum and cola.

Well firstly the search was pretty interesting.  Up until recent times Croatia, especially had a thriving “rum” market with brands such as Maraska and Badel.  I use the term “rum” in exclamation marks because strictly speaking it isn’t/wasn’t rum.

The spirits produced by Badel and Maraska (amongst others) are little more than white spirit flavoured with rum essence.  Upon Croatia joining the EU Maraska were warned to change the name of their rum and brandy

It wasn’t until I got to Montenegro that I was able to pick up a bottle of Maraska Room.  I had seen a bottle of Badel in Dubrovnik but at 30 euros I felt this was a bit much for something which I knew wasn’t a quality spirit.  I bought my bottle of Maraska Room for a princely 5 euros.  The Bottle is 50cl size (half a litre).  I felt this was a reasonable enough price to pay.

So on returning home I felt it time to try, what is effect vodka/neutral spirit with rum essence in it!  The taste I got wasn’t hugely surprising.  It was very sweet.  Like Maple Syrup.  It was reminiscent of cheap Spiced Rum.  Very sweet and after a few quite cloying.  I did foolishly try sipping the “rum” but it was just far too rough to get past one sip.  It was like necking methylated spirits.  Not something to repeat.

The more I drank the rum the more I could taste something familiar.  Something I had experienced before with real rum.  Along with the Maple syrup tones was a sweet vanilla/chocolate and cocoa like flavour.  Similar in some ways to the Old Monk from India.  However I must say at this point Old Monk is a very nice rum.  This has a note of that rum but is nowhere near in terms of overall profile.  One rum it is closer to in profile is Traveller’s One Barrel Rum.  That is one radically altered rum to the point where it should be labelled as a flavoured rum.  Or have its production ceased.  What the two drinks have in common is an overwhelmingly synthetic and artificial profile.

I gave that horrendous concoction short shrift and I’m afraid I’ll do the same with this effort. But at the end of the day I paid £30 for One Barrel I paid a fraction of the price to try this Room.

At the end of the day this is cheap liquor.  It isn’t rum.  I’ve reviewed it really only as  a curiosity.  I’ll award it a mark, but it is what it is.  It’s pretend rum.  It’s cheap and it gets you drunk!

Having said that even this small 50cl bottle which I had in two visits gave me the most unpleasant headache the next day.  Urgh cheap spirits

0.5 stars




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