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Plantation Original Dark Rum Trinidad Review

I was originally going to get a bottle of Goslings Black Seal 151 rum (I’ve seen tried it in a miniature) but I noticed that one of the online stockists seemed to have made a mistake in pricing this (getting it mixed up with the Underpoof version I suspect) and thus I picked this up for £20 rather than around £33.  I love a bargain me!

I’d tried an Overproof rum before, Coruba 74 so I kind of knew what to expect.  I ordered this in the hope of adding it to Zombie cocktails.  However, as you can see from the bottle it’s found other uses (such as getting people very drunk on their stag parties).

Plantation Original Dark Rum comes in the standard bar bottle, however rather than a metal screw top you get a nice corked closure, which is always something I like.  The pop of the cork and the aroma of the rum is always a nice little touch I find.  Except maybe not this time……..

If your experience of Overproof rum is a Woods or a Pussers then you may not be prepared for the smell of this rum.  Even Wray and Nephew’s White Overproof doesn’t smell the way this does.  It’s not a pleasant smell, I guess its just pure alcohol.  It literally has fumes coming off it as you pour it.  It’s telling you in no uncertain terms to be careful and respect it.

I tried it neat (I poked my tongue in it – which went numb).  I’m sorry to say this but you can’t drink this neat unless you are a tramp, a pirate or a lunatic.  It’s just horrible.  I will liken this rum’s strength to a curry.  If Pussers and Woods are Vindaloo’s then this is a Phaal.  I don’t believe anyone who eats Phaal actually enjoys it and I find it difficult to believe anyone could enjoy this rum straight.  Sorry that may sound harsh but its not for sipping!

It’s difficult to determine the taste as I think your taste buds retreat due to the smell.  It’s just very boozy.  Even when diluted with a pint of cola to just one 25ml shot it still smells of alcohol.  I’m sorry but I just cannot get past the smell.

As a Zombie topper this is fine, as a sipper you would have to be lacking a sense of smell and taste, even as a mixing rum it must be used very liberally.

Beyond the novelty value of a 73% I see no reason why I’ll bother with another so potent Overproof rum.  Definitely not for me.  I would imagine an Overproof rum drinker would have one eye, a beard and a parrot on their shoulder.

The other Plantation rum’s in the range are excellent, however. I will be posting some more reviews of their Underproof offerings soon.

2 stars






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  1. You are not supposed to drink overproofed rum straight. Dilute it in an equal part of water if you want to taste it.

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