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Captain Morgan Jack O Blast Spiced Rum review by the fat rum pirateCaptain Morgan’s Jack O Blast is the latest creation in their spiced rum empire.  Clearly unhappy that Bacardi still dominate the ludicrously flavoured rum market, the Captain has decided to really push the boat out with this spiced effort.

Carrying on the theme from last years Cannon Blast Cinnamon Flavoured spiced rum, Captain Morgan have clearly smelt blood and decided that what the world was waiting for was a Pumpkin Spiced Rum……

Well maybe the world wasn’t waiting for this because it is only available in the US and only for a limited period (I’m guessing until Halloween but hey who knows they had a National Pumpkin day on the 26th October, which seemed a bit badly timed…….it must be feast or famine in the Pumpkin business).

Okay so I missed Halloween but I haven’t missed Bonfire/Guy Fawkes Night (check your English History) so the review is still topical………

I’ve managed to get my hands on a bottle because a marketing company contacted me asking if I wanted to try a sample.  I usually don’t reply, as most are from the US and haven’t even checked my location or content.  When I have replied in the past they have kindly informed me that they can’t send me a bottle to the UK.

To the marketing company’s credit they did send me a bottle.  They have also sent me promotional material advising how to mix cocktails with this, press releases etc.  I wrote to them explaining the nature of my site and how me writing about Jack O Blast might not be an altogether good fit.  They should have done their research really but I guess they are busy people.  They kind of agreed and said they wouldn’t send me any more press releases etc but didn’t really seem to object too much to me writing about it.  I suppose all publicity is good publicity.

To be honest I could have just left it.  However, as things transpired another review of this rum appeared online.  I felt the need to reply so here we go with the review.

Jack O Blast comes in a round glass Pumpkin coloured bottle supposed to look like, well a Pumpkin.  The screw cap and neck are green.  It’s quirky and distinctive and no doubt will appeal to its target audience (amongst which seems to be stupid rum “reviewers”).  A 750ml bottle will cost $15.99 RRP (as per the press release).  Its only available in the US.  It is and I quote

“An intensely delicious shot”

“Caribbean Rum with Spice and Natural Flavors”

It is bottled at 30% ABV which would mean if it did come to the UK it would have to lose the Spiced Rum claim on the front of the bottle.  EU law dictates rum must be 37.5% ABV or more.  Anything else its a “Spirit Drink”.

Captain Morgan Jack O Blast Spiced rum review by the fat rum pirateAs usual with Captain Morgan I haven’t got any information on the age of the rum etc.  The bottle is only really an ornament its certainly not very useful for research purposes.

Now I’ve always given Captain Morgan products a fair go in the past.  I received a fair bit of criticism for a review of the White (I still stand by that as a good inexpensive purchase).  Some sites don’t carry “entry level” or cheap rums.  I’ve always been quite happy to review pretty much any rum that is on the market. Why not someone will think about buying it one day and might want some pointers?

So what do we have here? Do we have a rum which is “Exceptional for sipping and mixing”?  I’m sceptical about that, that’s for sure!

When poured you are actually presented with a drink which looks pretty much like an aged rum.  It’s a nice deep orange/brown.  It doesn’t cling to the glass quite as much as I was expecting.  In fact it doesn’t seem to do that at all.

Nosing the “rum” the overwhelming note is Cinnamon.  It reminds me of Cinnamon Swirls.  I’m not at all fond of Cinnamon but when it is quite sugary rather than full on it can be passably pleasant.  The aroma isn’t terrible in anyway but you’d be hard pushed to identify the base spirit in this drink.  As far as rum goes it might as well not be there.  I’m not getting anything remotely rummy.  To be fair I’m not getting much else either.  Cinnamon and sugar.

Which is no surprise this is after all a toss it down your neck shot for the younger generation.

I won’t toss it down my neck (though possibly down the sink) I’ll give it a go at a sip.  Again I’m not surprised at all at what I am experiencing.  It’s very, very sweet – full of sugar, there’s another hit of Cinnamon but it’s not as strong as on the nose.  The finish is remarkably short.  You basically get a sugar rush, followed by notes of Cinnamon and then you get a bitter saccharin aftertaste which fades quickly into well nothing.  It’s a blink and you miss it sip.  It burns slightly but I think its more a tingle from the spices than the alcohol.  I’ve no idea where the Pumpkin is!

I’ll give “shotting” it a try.  To be honest much the same experience big sweetness, cinnamon and then that bitter saccharin sweetener like after taste – Aspartame?  I suppose as a shot it’s not that bad but its not something to marvel at.

Perhaps the saving grace about this is the fact it doesn’t last all that long so you can’t really dislike it too much.  Quite where the Pumpkin is in all of this – I’m completely lost as its simply far too sweet with to much Cinnamon to taste of anything other than a Cinnamon flavoured Spiced Rum.Captain Morgan Jack O Blast Spiced Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

One of the suggested serves is a Jack O Blast with Orange Juice and a touch of soda water.  This is probably a better way to try the Jack O Blast as the Orange Juice seems to bring out a little more of what I think is meant to be the Pumpkin flavour or spices in the rum.  Problem is you still can’t get away from that overwhelming Cinnamon flavour and that nasty bitter after taste.

As a rum or even a Spiced Rum I’ll be honest its awful.  As a daft shot when you’re out when your young and equally daft – I’ve had worse.

The most positive thing I can say about this concoction is that it is the best Pumpkin Spiced Rum I have ever tried.  On this evidence I sincerely hope it is the last.

I’ll give it one star on the basis it knows its just a shooter and/or mixer.  Worryingly unlike the ludicrous score it has been given elsewhere.

1 star

1 star







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  1. Can’t find it anywhere. Would be nice for Thanksgiving too

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