Cane & Bean 1870 Cacao Infused Rum Spirit Drink

Cane & Bean Cacao Infused Spirit Drink Rum Review by the fat rum pirateCane & Bean 1870 Cacao Infused Rum Spirit Drink. I always try and label the rum I am reviewing as per the label. Often this leads to me labelling things as “rum” when in actual fact they are Spirit Drinks or the lines have been blurred between the two.

Cane & Bean are being 100% honest and a 100% accurate with their labelling. Which just shows what you can do when you feel you have nothing to hide.

Cane & Bean infuse single traditional rum (Column distilled) from the Foursquare Rum Distillery in Barbados. The rum has been aged for 5 years in ex-bourbon casks. It is then infused with the finest Criollo Cacao. I have since been informed that the rum does have a small amount of Pot Still rum in the blend so its really Single Blended rum.

The Cacao is organic from the Theobroma Tree (meaning “Food of the Gods”), is sourced from a farming cooperative in Peru where it is fermented for seven days in the Amazonian Highlands, sun dried, de-shelled (winnowed). It is then smashed into delicious crunchy nibs to infuse into the rum.

Cane & Bean 1870 features artwork by legendary Peruvian tapestry artist ‘Maximo Laura’ . The artwork above the Cane & Bean logo on the bottle is ‘Red Spirit of the Earth’.

Cane & Bean 1870 have come into the market at about the right time. Previously boutique brand Elements Eight had a a Criollo Cacao Infused Rum but that has been out of production for some time and is likely to remain so for the time being. There are a plethora of Spiced Rum’s available on the market – we know have White, Gold and Dark Spiced rums in abundance to choose from. Cane & Bean 1870 are offering a very distinct and different product. More information should you require it can also be found on their website.

Presentation wise Cane & Bean 1870 comes in a weighty “stubby” style rounded bottle. The presentation is clear and modern and the Latin Tapestry artwork offers a contrast which works really well. A synthetic plastic topped cork stopper gives the rum that extra premium feeCane & Bean 1870 Cacao Infused Rum Spirit Drink Rum Review by the fat rum piratel. A 70cl bottle at 40% ABV will set you back around £37.95 direct from the website. It will be getting distributed more in the UK very soon.

In the glass Cane & Bean 1870 is a dark to golden brown with orange and red flashes. The nose is fantastic. For anyone who likes Dark Chocolate you will immediately be drawn into the wonderful zesty, fruity yet cacao heavy dark chocolate notes. It smells like a 70% Dark Chocolate bar from somewhere like, well Peru!

The warming chocolate notes are well balanced and the fruity notes of raisin and rich orange zest work really well. The rum in the blend is also making its presence felt. You can still smell the rum – familiar Foursquare notes of vanilla and some almost creamy coconut notes. I like the fact that you can still smell notes of the rum as well – the booze has not been lost to excessive amounts of added sugar. As is often the case with spiced/flavoured rums. This has no added sugar just cacao and rum!

Sipping Cane & Bean 1870 much of what you get on the nose carries through. It is full with chocolate notes. There is as light bitterness and  nutty edge. The rum at the base also adds a lot of spicy bourbon notes and the notes of zestiness come in the shape of orange and a touch of lemon. It is smooth enough to sip but it is still spicy, boozy and most importantly rummy.

If your preference in rum goes more with pure rums then this will appeal. If you are a Dark Chocolate lover then you will find this extremely moreish. I’d recommend just a block of ice if you wish to sip it – just to take a tiny bit of the edge off.

If you more of a Milk Chocolate and Spiced, “Sweetened” rum fan then you might not find this hits your sweet spot. Cadburys Dairy Milk and Ron Millonario it is not.

How does it work mixed? Well I would imagine it could be used in any cocktail recipe where cocoa and rum are required. As far as my adventures with it have developed I have found this makes a really good rum and coke. It works equally nicely with some Ginger Beer.Cane & Bean 1870 Cacao Infused Rum Spirit Drink Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

When mixed Cane & Bean 1870 takes on a really smooth profile within the cola. The rummyness comes out with some great spicy bourbon like notes. The vanilla and raisins work nicely alongside the strong cocao flavour. It’s really, really well done.

Much like Aluna Coconut before it this is a “rum” which you may ignore or consider to be a bit of novelty. This is a wonderfully complex and well thought out flavoured/infused rum. It sets out to pair Cacao with rum and I’ve not had a rum which has done it quite as well as this. I really enjoyed Elements Eight Criollo Cacao rum. I do however think this is a touch more rummy and I enjoy it slightly more.

Really good stuff. Try it you will be in for a surprise and a real treat





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